Thursday 29 March 2012

She is literally the polaroid of perfection.

Like many people who have a serious hobby, I prefer to shop alone. A leisurely wander with a friend is lovely, of course, but it doesn't compare to the solitary, single-minded trip up the high street, going as fast or slow as you like, sometimes spending hours trying on everything in store. A lunch hour spent trying on dresses is a lunch hour well spent, if you ask me.

But for those Friday nights when you're relaxing at home, idly window shopping on your favourite websites, you can't try anything on. It's what I don't like so much about online shopping - you have to purchase everything you want to try on, sometimes in several sizes. It is a paaaain. So, I was pretty excited to find out about Tesco's new feature on their Facebook page, where you make a virtual 'You' - down to putting in your face and even inputting your measurements, and test out outfits to your hearts content. I'm not sure how much I look like me (and there were no ginger-with-a-fringe hair options...) but I had great fun playing with it.

The lovely Florrie did this challenge first (comparing it to Cher's virtual wardrobe in Clueless - it so is! Although, I actually find this post works almost as well) and then tagged me to try it out in her final outfit post. Basically, I have to try out three looks, and that's where YOU come in! I need you to vote on your favourite look that you want to see me try in real life, and then Tesco will help with that part. :)

Look One
This is a very 'me' dress - red, belted, a-line, but I decided to mix it up by layering this dogtooth cardigan over the top and a light black blazer over that. These cute t-bar heels finish it perfectly - cute, but sophisticated.

Look Two
Again, a very 'me' dress (but, y'know, that's probably why I like it). I think the two shades of blue look really cute together, and that style of blazer normally works quite well on shorties like me. I love the chunky black boots (although I'd almost definitely wear them with opaque tights).

Look Three
I had to mix it up a little bit for the last one, so have chosen NOT a dress! This spotty skirt is very summery and contrasts beautifully with the red t-shirt. The slouchy red blazer adds a modernised twist to the twin-set look. And I love these leopard print flats!

Now it's up to you! Tell me which you like best in a comment, on my Facebook page or on Twitter @essbeevee

You have until this Sunday 7pm to vote - I'll report back next week!


  1. I love the first look! The red dress & dogtooth cardigan are beautiful together. XO

  2. Oooh number 3 wins my vote! It's a bit different from your usual go-to dresses and would be great to see you in a midi, the shape of that skirt is lovely. Plus the clashing prints of the polka dot skirt & leopard print flats would work so well together! Have to say the blue outfit is great too, the cropped nipped-in shape of that blazer makes it by far the most flattering xx

  3. i vote for look two! i could definitely see you in that dress, it would look ever so lovely on you. xx

  4. Replies
    1. She has everything and she'd give it to you in a second! Got that song stuck in my head now!
      Dress two would be lovely on you xx

  5. I love the first look, the blazer is fab :)
    R xx

  6. Look one! Mostly because I want to wear it myself

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  8. I vote look one - only because that's the one I'd wear. The second dress is a bit too short and I can't abide skirts and I'm not sure if it's something you'd get a lot of wear out of - even though it would be interesting to try out something new!


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