Friday 6 April 2012

Champagne supernova in the sky.

Last weekend I headed to an Aussie event with some of my favourite blogging ladies. I always say that Aussie throws the best events, and it's true - although I think partly it's because they have assembled such an awesome group of bloggers to be the Aussie Angels that they could invite us to an empty warehouse for 3 hours and we'd have a brilliant time. Especially if there was champagne.

Saturday's event was a bit of a fashion show - we watched models strutting their stuff up and down the catwalk, showing off some lovely outfits. And the gorgeous Reena represented the Aussie Angels, too, looking amazing.

Reena striking a pose.
Amy & Christina digging in to the yummy food.
Amy, being adorable.
Dream Team.
Hayley & Harriet being awesome.
Amy comes with an exclamation mark.
I love this picture of Dani!
Lily Christina, me & Hayley doing our best cheesy smiles.
Aussie's very own Holly, looking mischievous.
It was a whole thing. It made sense at the time.
This is my 'Recounting an embarrassing incident' face. I make it a lot.
Holly and a big old bottle.
Lucy & Kristabel, with the prizes they won!
Christina and I, who were a picture of poise and grace throughout the event, as always.

I wore this cute collared dress from Vero Moda, which I sort of stole from my friend Jennie. SORT OF. Basically, she was wearing it at our friend's birthday and said she'd thought of me when she bought it... which turned out to be apt, as I promptly ran out and bought it for myself from ASOS (for £16! BARGAIN!). She's right, though. It is very me.

I got loads of comments on my jewellery, too, especially my Wired Jewellery necklace. Isn't it cute? It even comes with chalk so I can change the design. I'm currently stalking half the Wired range - it's all so lovely!

And my bracelet comes from Jess at Raffles Bizarre, who makes amazing one-of-a-kind jewellery. I definitely do not wear enough bracelets. This must be rectified.

Belt, cardi & shoes - New Look
Tights - Tesco

The last photos are of Amy, who cannot resist taking the mickey out of my photo faces whenever we do outfit photos. I kind of think she looks adorable, though.

PS - Most of these photos were  nabbed from the Aussie flickr!


  1. I love that picture of Dani too, although I look a little demonic... That is such a cute dress from Vero Moda!

    Steph @

  2. Ooh I'm gutted that I didn't go to this now! Was far too tired and feelin' guilty about (lack of) Uni work, and then instantly regretted not leaving the house when I saw all your Tweets! Looks like a perfect day, and how amazing is your dress/necklace/hair/shoes?! xx

  3. Looks a great event, and I love that dress!! xx

  4. The Aussie events look like so much fun! :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  5. Aussie really does throw the best events. I am glad you all had such fun!

  6. That dress really does have your name written all over it! Looking lush Sarah!
    Looks like you all had such an amazing time!

  7. I am super super jealous of your hair! Looks like a fun night.


  8. Great photos- love your chalk necklace! I enjoyed the event but was hoping for a bit more interaction from the Aussie people-I'd love to have found out more about the clothes for example.

  9. Aw you look lovely and it looks like such a great night. :) Hope you're enjoying the bracelet, it looks lovely with your outfit!

  10. Aussie events always look like so much fun. I'd give my left arm to be an Aussie Angel! The sparkly cupcakes look (almost) too pretty to eat.
    I hear you about Wired Jewellery. I might as well just hand over my card details and get regular shipments of new stock

  11. Looks like a fab event!
    I love your blog, now following you xxx

  12. It was such a fun day - and so lovely to see you! Also that necklace really is awesome!

  13. Love that necklace! And your dress is very cute :) xx

  14. You looked lovely as always and I always think Aussie have the best events!

    Maria xxxx

  15. Of course, I saw cupcakes and now my mind has gone blank. Cupcakesss.

    I love your bracelets and what a fabulous dress.



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