Friday 13 April 2012

I'm the only sour cherry on the fruit stand.

This dress is super nice, in a just-like-forty-others-I-own way, heightened by the omg-it-was-nine-pounds aspect. I KNOW RIGHT NINE POUNDS. God, I'm good at sale shopping. Like, SUPERNATURALLY GOOD. I think maybe it is my mutant power.

But yeah, you've kind of seen it before, so let's talk about my hair! My fringe didn't want to work at the weekend, so I went for the kirby grip strategy, which I thought looked okay in person. Kind of 40s? Maybe? Sort of?

Sans fringe, though, it means the photos are kind of dominated by my fivehead. And my camera has decided to eat half my eyebrows. I promise you, I have eyebrows. I know that my fringe normally covers them up, but I have REALLY GOOD EYEBROWS. I get a professional to deal with them! It really frigging hurts! I don't really understand what my camera is up to, to be honest. It's showing me up.

So, apart from all the stuff going on in the upper face area, I am actually kind of digging my hair and not just because I really like the colour at the moment. Basically, I decided my hair straighteners sucked so I gave my old ones to my sister and splurged on GHDs, but have straightened my hair with them like twice. They're just so good at curling, it's actually faster to curl my mop than straighten it (my hair never wants to stay straight, anyway). Basically, it's a revelation.

Anyway. Enough about me. How is YOUR hair today?

Dress & Shoes - New Look
Belt - M&S
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins


  1. £9?? Bargain! Good work.
    I don't like using GHD's to curl, but probably have curl envy through not owning a pair. :)
    Loving the shoes.

  2. I know the feeling of your camera ruining a photo - I have ginger hair, with blonde tips. NOT yellow as my web cam decided yesterday. Even sans-eyebrows, you're looking gorgeous though! x

  3. Your hair looks fab, ginger rocks xxx

  4. My hair looks like a cross between a top knot and a pineapple today. Odd, but I kinda like it.

    Anyway, ptshhhhhhhhhhh to you going on about your fod. You look great! I like the kirby gripped fringe a lot.

  5. Great bargain. Love your hair and I own those shoes as well :) xx

  6. I really like your fringe like that! The twist in it definitely looks 40sish to me. Also £9 dress? You are epically good at shopping!

  7. Take me sales shopping please!

  8. That dress is lovely & looks beautiful on you! Love it.

  9. Sarah, Sarah,'re just SO pretty.

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  11. Really like the dark tight/red shoes combo! It's a cool, light look that works well in the murky weather we're having at the moment!


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