Friday 27 April 2012

Come on, I'll be a no one.

Well, hello! I did not mean to go away for two weeks. But I did. Where did I go? Oh, the stories I could tell you. But I won't. (Clue: nowhere.)


So do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I did the post on the Clothing at Tesco Facebook app and turned myself into a creepy Sims version of myself? I look kind of like I'd eat your face, right? (I think it's the eyes. And those are actually my normal eyes.) Well, people voted that the red dress and black jacket was the nicest outfit and so... well, I took too long to tell Tesco this fact, and they ran out of red dresses. So they sent me a grey one instead, which kind of fits the weather right now.

It's actually, though, a completely perfect dress for work, and a lovely fit. It's rare for a dress to hug my waist without squashing my boobs (here is an example of a dress that does that). So, even though it's all responsible and grown-up, I really love it, although now I REALLY WANT IT IN RED. Sucks to be me, right.

Uncanny Valley Sarah wore the dress with a dogtooth cardigan and blazer. In reality, this is a lot of layers, and I was hot (and it doesn't look great, really) and the fitted little blazer isn't really designed to be worn over a thick cardi. However, when taken separately, both the cardi and the blazer look really cute with the dress. I think I'm going to wear all three of them a lot.

Outfit c/o Tesco 
Shoes - New Look (because I forgot to ask Tesco for shoes)

What do you think? Do you prefer creepy computer generated me to creepy real life me?

PS - A couple of people asked me if I didn't post last week because I've run out of dresses. I haven't! I actually bought two more yesterday. I've just been mega busy and working a lot.

PPS - I'm thinking about dyeing my hair back to brown. Do you have any strong feelings on this subject?


  1. Hehe I love the squashed boob picture, really helped to get a visual :)

    Lovely dress, I like the grey! Good for work xx

  2. real life you > computer made you

  3. I love your hair-but brown would look awesome too! Definitely prefer real you:)
    I love the dress-it's a really pretty, deep grey! I love the pop of colour from your red shoes, as well.

    Love, Freya x

  4. Real life you definitely suits the blazer better than Sim you, it really gives that nice nipped in silhouette. Looks great!

  5. I love the dress on you! The shape is gorgeous, and it looks great with red accessories!

    I can recommend the low maintenance side of having brown hair - it is quite convenient for leaving for months at a time between dyes.

  6. That dress is gorgeous although it would be EVEN BETTER in red... I love you with red hair but I also love brown haired you so I'm probably not the best person to ask, haha!

    Maria xxx

  7. Very cute. Shame about the red dress being out of stock, but the grey is lovely. I quite want that cardigan now too.

  8. I love the dress with the cardie. The red accessories look great with it. X


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