Wednesday 4 April 2012

It's a new dawn, it's a new day.


I shop too much. There, I admitted it. I spend far too much money on clothes, money that I could be putting towards important things like buying a flat, or a car. But instead I buy pretty things. And, you know what? They do make me feel good. Wearing a dress with a skirt that flares out makes me feel happy. I love it when I jump the last step in a staircase and my dress balloons out, like a parachute. I love HUGE skirts, skirts that lift up when you spin around. I like spending almost every day feeling like I'm going to a party.

The real reason why I wear dresses all the time is really that. They make me feel a little bit better about myself. I do not feel nice in trousers, or jeans. They never fit me right and I feel self conscious and uncomfortable. Dresses make me feel... well, like ME. An incredibly therapeutic exercise is to look at your wardrobe and remove everything that you don't LOVE. It'll make you feel so good, trust me. And you'll be able to close your wardrobe door again!

There's a great online campaign at the moment called Glad Rags, focused around International Women's Day for the charity Platform 51. The aim is to break the stigma around mental health by asking women to talk about things they wear that make them feel good about themselves. What do you wear that makes you feel good about yourself? Is there something you wear every day or is it just your general style? I am curious.

If you're like to know more about the campaign, check out Platform 51's website here.


  1. Your dresses are absolutely gorgeous, and look so fabulous on you, I don't blame you for wanting to wear them all the time - ESPECIALLY when they make you feel fantastic. I love the idea of going through my wardrobe and getting rid of everything I don't love because quite frankly, there is a lot of clothing there I don't wear because I feel shit in. Oddly enough, the piece of clothing I feel best in - and wear all the time - is skinny jeans. Not particularly glamorous or individual, but I find them comfortable and flattering - and although this shouldn't factor into it - knowing my other half thinks I look good in them makes me feel good too. I've always loved skinny jeans, and they make me feel good. xx
    Sirens and Bells

    1. I am so jealous of girls who suit skinny jeans - I think they look gorgeous and are so effortlessly chic! :)

  2. You have such a nice wardrobe. I don't often wear jeans because I feel uncomfortable in them as well. I only wear them on days where I stand in front of my wardrobe screaming "I DON'T WANT TO WEAR A STUPID DRESS TODAY ARRGHHHH" like a crazy person. But then I feel bad later on and apologise to my dresses. Yes. Anyway I love your pink polka dot dress! Very pretty!

  3. Gonna dive in here with male POV - I too have clothes that I am only comfortable wearing in my own home. I would say my dress style is smart casual - slim fit jeans with brown shoes (every man should own a pair!) & a nice shirt. Now jogging bottoms, trackie pants whatever you want to call them to me are awful & I can't understand anyone who wears them unless in a gym environment & even that's pushing it
    Excepting what your style is can be a difficult decision & I was only truly happy with what I could & couldn't wear about 5 years ago & that has had a dramatic change on my life & those that have become a part of it.
    You know how awesomely gorgeous you look in the million dresses you own & I still hold out for the day when I get to snap a few pics of you. x

  4. Hello! You remind me of my daughter. She is only three, but she already has a favourite dress that she would wear every day if she could. She calls it the 'floaty' dress because it floats around when she does a little twirl, quite like you in the pics.
    I love frocks too and i have lots. I think they are just more flattering on someone like me, who is not the straight up and down type.
    I love your blog and I am quite old in comparison to you and I still like spending my money on pretty things instead of the sensible stuff!
    Tracy xxx

  5. 90% of my wardrobe is dresses, I never wear jeans/trousers of any sort as I don't feel like "me" in them. I really need to branch back out into more skirts/tops but dresses are just so much easier (and nicer!). Your dress collection is fabulous! x

  6. love all the dresses and your hair ! always! :D

  7. A dress that I can twirl in makes me happy too :)
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who does the bottom step thing, my fiance thinks I'm crazy!

  8. You are such a wonderful woman! Love your style and just beauty of your blog :)xx

  9. I love that first dress, it is gorgeous. You can never shop too much ha ha :) x x x x

  10. I am a dress fanatic, I feel so lady-like and elegant them. I feel like I walk with a spring in my step when I wear them. They just make you look like you've made an effort even when you just throw one on!

  11. I love all of your dresses Sarah :) My favourite thing to wear probably has to be my riding boots from M&S. They make my legs look skinny and fit my calves like a dream. They always perk up an outfit and give me a little extra spring in my step :)

  12. I am 100% with you. If I wear jeans I feel boring, and backgroundish, when I wear a dress, and thick black eyeliner I feel happy and more like me. And I'm not even really bothered what anyone else thinks - it makes me happy! I once tried on a pair of skinny jeans, and I like to think I have a pretty good attitude towards my body but I honestly felt so ugly in them I could have cried.

    This campaign sounds awesome - thank you for sharing!

  13. You look amazing whatever you wear! I used to only wear dresses or skirts but recently I have really enjoyed trying different things (and that includes jeans) but I think I will always be happiest in something red that has a swooshy skirt!

    Maria xxx

  14. You look gorgeous in all of these photos but the top dress is my absolute fave. It looks amazing on you.

    I need to give my wardrobe a little kick up the bum - it isn't working for me at the mo.

    Nicki x

  15. You look so cute!!

  16. i love you these dresses, You look adorable!


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