Monday 2 April 2012

Live and let die.

I always thought of casinos as impossibly glamorous places. Kind of a whole James Bond/Danny Ocean type of thing. Fancy dresses, tuxedos, secret missions - you know, they're pretty swank. And then I visited one in the first week of a new job, got very drunk, tripped down the stairs and ended up with a purple, probably broken foot. Probably should have gone to the doctors about that one.

But actually, even though it was in a rather grimy part of Coventry, it was still super fun. I played roulette - well, I watched my friend play roulette and gave him bad advice about various other casino games, and medicated my swollen foot with a lot white wine. Basically, I'm reminiscing about nights in casinos because I keep seeing all these super swanky dresses (kind of like the VoH one I posted about on Friday, which is so fancy I don't know when I'll get the chance to wear it) and have decided that a) I need to buy them and b) I need to go to swanky places where I can wear them which leads me to c) I must become a secret agent and hang out in casinos a lot.

SO! If I was a secret agent plus gambling mastermind, here is what I would wear. I would also wear my hair in a beehive and HIDE WEAPONS IN IT. Oh yeah. I have this all thought out. (NB: You probably are not allowed to conceal weapons in your hair in most of London's casinos.)


Now, onto more important matters. What would your secret agent name be?

PS: Blog post done in collaboration


  1. I loooove the 5th dress. I'd hope being a secret agent would enable me to wear backless-therefore-braless dresses.

    1. I figure being a secret agent would be really good exercise and I'd be able to pull off any dress. Or the last one on the second to last line, which is actually a playsuit covered in beads and spikes. Daaaangerous.

  2. That second to last dress is gorgeous, the colour is amazing. I can't deny it either, I would love to be a secret agent. There are a lot of childhood fantasies about being a spy, or an explorer that are unfulfilled and clothes always set me off!

  3. these are all beautiful dresses. a couple of them caught my eye. i love dress #2, 5, 11, 13, & 14.

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  4. I'm not sure you'd be a good handler of the Intersect ;)

  5. There are a lot of gorgeous dresses here, definitely contemplating becoming a secret agent so I can spend my days wearing them and standing around casinos looking important! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  6. Hahaha, the idea of hiding weapons in your beehive made me laugh quite a lot. Hilarious.
    These look like good secret agent dresses to me. Being a secret agent means going to a lot of swank parties as well as casinos, doesn't it? James Bond always seem to get into these places anyway.

  7. Everything looks beautiful! What a fun event! Thanks for sharing your pictures.sunglasses sale online


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