Sunday 14 April 2013

Things I've bought that I love.

Sparkly flats - New Look

One of my favourite blogs for a long time was TV writer Mindy Kaling's ode to shopping, 'Things I've Bought That I Love'. Sadly it's no more, but the term always sticks with me when I blog about items I've bought and fallen for. Lately, I've had the shopping bug but thanks to a few vouchers leftover from Christmas, I haven't had to resort to using my credit card, which makes my savings a little healthier.

Here are some of the bits I've bought latelyish... that I LOVE.

I adore Converse! The indie kid in me will always be a Converse fan, and my old black pair were so ripped and worn that it was high time I replaced them. Oh, and how cute is this polka dot skirt? Over the last couple of years I have pretty much replaced my love of skirts with a love of dresses, but lately I find myself buying more skirts again. It was only £10 in the River Island sale!

Teal Bow Heels - Office

I'm completely obsessed with these teal shoes from Office and can't wait for an excuse to wear them. They're super pretty but have a practical heel and are really comfy. Also, I have a dress that they match EXACTLY. Woohoo! The sparkly flats above are the prettiest things ever... and just £7 in the New Look sale! Daaamn, my bargain-hunting skills are on FIRE.

And finally, this heart shaped Primark duvet set is my new favourite thing. It's so cute and girlie!

I know there is often this thing about how vouchers as gifts are boring but I love them! What's not to like about guilt-free shopping? Have you bought anything new lately?



  1. Ooooo in love with the teal shoes! Nice buys!

  2. SHOES! This can only be good. Trying not to cave and purchase the chorus voice heals by Clarks (like Sarah's from Weds, but in the snakeskin look). They're so pretty, but massive dental bills beckon. Consoling myself with buscuits instead, much cheaper.

  3. I have recently gone on a shopping splurge myself. You can check it out on my blog what I bought. Love H X

  4. I love the colour of the heels!

  5. Those teal bow shoes are amazing! So pretty.


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