Friday 12 April 2013

Time crawls on when you’re waiting for the song to start

I wish I was one of those girls who didn’t care a jot about diets, but when I try that, I end up gaining a bunch of weight, because I still care a whole bunch about food. I know it’s a bit alienating to those girls who don’t care about it, but people on diets really love talking about diets, and I find it really hard not to talk about it MORE.

The truth is that I can’t help but think about dieting when I think about this dress. I bought it back in January with a voucher that Tesco had sent me and although I loved it, it was a bit too tight around the middle, so I popped it into the back of my wardrobe with the tags still on and promptly forgot about it. I dug it out a couple of weeks ago and realised that – after losing nearly a stone and a half - it fits beautifully! Tesco cut their dresses really well for my shape – they always hug my waist whilst allowing enough space for my boobs, which makes me happy. My boobs like space.

I’ve always been quite hourglassy with a defined waist and big ol’ hips but I realise now that at the start of this year when I started Weight Watchers, my waist was disappearing. I’m glad it’s back.

It’s quite a… mature dress, I guess? I always thought that when I was in my thirties I would buy my workwear from M&S and Next and wear heels all the time and lots of chunky jewellery. Pretty much the only part of that that’s accurate is the heels part, except for how it’s not all the time because my feet get sore, and spending too much time at the dizzying heights of 5’4 or 5’5 gives me vertigo.

Anyway, so I think that this is a bit of a ‘thirties’ dress in that it looks like the kind of thing your fabulous manager would wear, I think, with a snappy fitted jacket. I chose a cardigan because I am not all that snappy, and it’s still kind of cold. Also, I don’t really GET fitted jackets. Like, do you wear your coat over the top of them? Or do you just freeze? Either way seems silly. Just wear a lovely cardi, hmm?

Dress & Belt c/o Clothing At Tesco (belt from a different Tesco dress)
Cardigan – New Look
Tights - Primark
Necklace - Fallen Saint at Amazon


  1. Sarah you look bloody amazing! I'm so impressed! You gorgeous thing!

  2. I love the dress!! Just shows that all the hard work pays off :)

  3. Congrats on seeing the results of your hard work! You look swell!
    Also I never tire of red shoes with black tights. Actually, red shoes in any circumstances, but particularly with black tights. Very Minnie Mouse!

  4. Hahahahaaaa, just realised that 'swell' maybe wasn't the best adjective to use on a weight loss post! :p What's the opposite of swell? Deflate? You look...deflated?! I give up, you can finish off the sentence by choosing whichever synonym for 'lovely' that you please!

  5. I think that dress is absolutely stunning! And the trick is to sneak a cropped cardigan under the fitted jacket, that way you still look all intimidating and business like but you get to be snuggly and warm (;

    Girl Reviews Things xx

  6. You look so lovely and congrats on the lbs dropped! I actually have a weightloss post going up tomorrow.

    This dress is fab, I really like the print, reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

  7. You look amazing! Beautiful dress. I wholeheartedly agree with the first paragraph - thats exactly how I feel. Also - I need to check out some Tesco dresses, most dresses never have enough space for my boobs!


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