Friday 5 April 2013

I am, I feel.


I am such a bag person, way more than a shoes person, so a new bag is a very very important thing, you see. This little lilac BritStitch number is not just CRAZY pretty, but actually has a lovely little story behind it. The first BritStitch bag was made in 1967 for a local milkman who needed a cash bag. He bought it back in recently to have the strap repaired, and they realised that a beautiful leather bag that could last nearly 50 years of daily use without needing repairs was probably something that other people would like, too. And they’d be totally right – I’ve been coveting one of my own ever since spotting them on other blogs, and so I was over the moon when they offered to send me one of my own. It’s beautifully made, and so sturdy – plus, its petite size forces me not to pile in everything I own, as is my way.

Purple is one of those colours that I don’t wear enough, but SHOULD. I would count it as one of my favourite colours - ever since Alisha’s Attic sang about putting a purple skirt on – but it doesn’t make its way into my wardrobe too often. I can’t really work out why. Perhaps it’s because I’m trying to keep certain items out of my workwear wardrobe, because I feel like it spoils things a bit. Popping a dress into my daily dress rotation takes away its specialness, and I think it’s worth keeping a few ‘for best’. And not JUST the ones that don’t need ironing, although that’s super logical, obviously. I also have this weird idea that this dress doesn’t fit because the first time I wore it, I felt horribly uncomfortable. It was actually because it was a boiling hot day and this really isn’t a bare legs dress, so I was pleasantly surprised when I teamed it with opaques over Christmas and realised how lovely it was.

Doing 'Then & Now' is interesting sometimes. I have been debating going back to brunette lately, which I did for a couple of months last year. However, seeing the two hair colours next to each other... nah. I'm still a ginger at heart.

Easter nails!

Finally, the boots. Thanks to my sponsorship by Spartoo, I have lots of new pairs of shoes to wear, but you know how it is… you always go back to the classics. These are the most comfortable heels I own, and even though the zips are giving way and they’re becoming shabbier and looser, I’ll keep wearing them until they fall apart completely. I wore them in the very first Friday Frocks post, and about a million other occasions since then. They are the best boots ever.



  1. Crikey you can really see how much weight you've lost! You look fab. But not quite as fab as the BritStitch. Sorry.

    ;-) x

  2. Ah, Alisha's Attic, I used to love that album!

  3. Your new bag is so cute! I love the Easter nails, too. x

  4. oh my - those nails are the cutest!

  5. That dress is amazing, slightly in love with it x

  6. love that dress!
    I agree about the "special" dresses, I used to hate wearing my nice dresses to work as it turned them into work dresses and no longer fun :(

  7. Super cute, the bag and the nails xx

  8. I love all the purple, the bag is just divine too! xx

  9. That dress is gorgeous! I agree, purple is my favourite colour yet I own very little purple clothing! X

  10. Oooh only listened to that song the other day......having a 90's throwback as I approach my midlife crisis.

    Love the bag, I really ought to invest in one ;)

  11. I love this dress on you and that satchel is beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  12. I'm so hungry for a Britstitch satchel after all these recent bloggy posts. I love it in lilac & it goes well with that stunning dress o' yours.


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