Monday 29 April 2013

Beating heart baby.

When I get obsessed with something, I find it hard to let it go. Like my urge to own a Mulberry - one day I WILL make it happen. You can be sure of that.

On a slightly cheaper scale, were Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. I know that everyone and their wife has them, and wedding blogs are utterly saturated with them, and I suppose that means they are frightfully common. But I LOVE them. I just think they're so pretty, and the fact that they're made of rubber just makes them seem like the awesome jelly shoes you wore when you were kids. And did I mention they're pretty?

Well, I made it happen, and I still love them. I actually let out a little squeak when I saw that Spartoo had added Melissa to their brands, and had added these to my basket before I had time to think about it. Sometimes you just have to.



  1. Ah they are so prettyful! I don't blame you for not resisting such shiny-hearted goodness. I love how fun all the Vivienne Westwood Melissa designs are.

    Florrie x

  2. They are adorable. And totally you!


  3. oh, these are so YOU. i cant wait to see how you style them - hello red lipstick and flared dresses! <3

  4. Hmm. There is something I'm still not quite sure about with these Melissa shoes. Yeah, they look pretty, but I think the fact they used to market them as smelling of bubblegum put me off a little. And I'm not quite convinced they'd be comfy..
    Then again, this may be my grumpy childhood self sulking over the fact I was never allowed a pair of jelly shoes!

  5. They are so darling! Ever so dreamy, by far a wise choice xxx

  6. These shoes are beyond cute!!! x

  7. It doesn't matter if everyone's cat has them, these shoes are amazing. I got the duck egg blue ones with the red hearts for the Soap Awards a few years ago, and EVERYONE stopped me all night to say they loved them. I felt so special wearing them, I love putting them on.

    So much so... I bought a second pair of Viv's last year too. And I love them as much as ponies.

    Your ones are adorable! Amazing buy. Can't wait to see what you wear them with first! x

  8. I love these! I've had my eye on them for so long now but can't choose what colour to get.
    Jodie xx
    Future Freaks Me

  9. Shoe twins! I have these too! I got mine from ASOS though. Aren't they the prettiest?!


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