Sunday 23 June 2013

Looks like an early winter for us.

After last week’s bumper Autumn/Winter post (I’m still swooning over those coats!) and the rubbish weather we’ve had lately, I keep finding my mind wandering towards that most snuggly time of year. Heck, it’s June and I’m even dreaming of mulled things (the hot mulled cider they sell at Glastonbury is a DREAM).

But it’s so much easier to dress in the winter. When you KNOW it’s going to be cold and wet, you can layer up, you can pop on a hat, you can prepare yourself for every eventuality. In this kind of weather, it can change any minute. I haven’t made a correct outfit choice all week – I’m either too warm, too cold, or both at once. It’s a nightmare.

So, in an attempt to make a stand against summer dressing, I have compiled a WINTER wishlist. Solid, reliable winter. (Please don’t snow!)

Coat – M&S
I TOLD you I was still dreaming about it. Isn’t it a stunner? (It's not up yet. But it will be.)

Boots – DUO
This year will be the year that I finally buy a pair of knee-high boots to fit my awkwardly shaped calves.

Dress – ASOS
Both stylish and snuggly. Perfect.

Handbag – Clarks via Spartoo
I’ve been using my battered old leather number for two years now… time for an upgrade?

Hat – Accessorize
Good old Accessorize, who know full well that you’re just as likely to need a warm hat in June as in December.


Collaborative post.


  1. I totally need that coat! xo

  2. That coat will be mine even if I need to get my sleep bag out and stalk M&S


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