Friday 21 June 2013

Save it 'til the morning after.

I love clothes that just make you think of summer, like a dress that you can just chuck on with flipflops and feel cool and fresh and awesome all day. Like this dress, basically. I know, you'd never have guessed that was where this was going.

But I adore this dress! IT'S JUST SO PERFECT FOR SUMMER. It's a good length for bare legs meaning no worries about pant flashing. It's a great cut, with a skimming skirt that's not full enough to be picked up by the wind meaning no worries about pant flashing. It's good sturdy material, not flimsy and seethrough, meaning... no worries about pant flashing! Basically, not flashing my pants is a priority for life. Especially summer, where there are no opaque tights to hide your thunder. Apart from all those cold days when there are.

Dress - Miss Selfridge
Timeless Flat Shoes c/o Spartoo
Necklace c/o GoGo Philip

It's kind of big on top which is annoying me in these photos as I often think it makes a bodice look less flattering, y'know? I suspect it was marked wrongly as it's a 12, and I'm definitely nowhere near a size 10 yet. But enough about the dress. Doesn't my hair look unusually ace? I took these photos the day after the wedding and when I brushed my unwashed hair in the morning, it basically looked amazing. If it could just dry like this all the time, that'd be awesome.

I would love to tell you that I spent the rest of the day skipping around in the sunshine. But it wasn't actually very warm, and my hangover was kicking in, so I popped my PJs on underneath and went to bed for three hours. This is why I don't do too many 'One dress, two ways' features.


  1. Sarah you ca really tell just how much weight you've lost. You look amazing! Adore the dress!

  2. Such a pretty look and I'm definitely lusting over those shoes! xoxo

  3. Those shoes are so cute :) You can't beat a good pair of flats and I love a peep toe!

  4. Pretty dress, and I love the shoes - so cute! xx

  5. Such a pretty dress! Perfect for summer :)

  6. I think you look utterly adorable here. I love the dress and the shoes and love that you're wearing your Gogo necklace! Awesome!


  7. This dress is gorgeous, the perfect length too!

    Maria xxx


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