Thursday 27 June 2013

Work it, baby.

Do you care what you look like when you exercise? This is the question I was posed when I was sent these new trainers by Sports Shoes to try out, as a response to the awful Jan Moir’s criticism of Kathryn Jenkins in the Daily Mail running the London Marathon whilst wearing makeup. My gut response – ‘No! I don’t care even a tiny bit!’ was then challenged when I put this blog post together.

Because whilst I like to think I don’t care, I’m still not willing to post a full body shot of me on here wearing tracksuit bottoms. At the gym or exercise classes, everyone is in the same boat and no one cares what you look like, so I wear something practical and unflattering. Some of my exercise t-shirts have bleach stains on them… caring isn’t really my agenda. You know, you’re there for an hour, and you’re gone. No one will remember you.

A blog post is much more long-lasting though, hence the lack of long shots. I loathe how I look in trousers, and will probably have to lose another 2 stone before I change that mindset. I do wear dresses because I like them, but also because I know they hide my least favourite features. They’re awesome like that.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to look nice – while you exercise or as a rule for life. If it makes you feel better on the inside, I think it’s worthwhile. Honestly, I can’t stand the Daily Mail as a rule anyway, but for having a go at someone for daring to look pretty whilst exercising? I’m rolling my eyes so hard I just fell over backwards.

Trainers c/o Sports Shoes
T-shirt - Primark
Nike Hoody & Tracksuit Bottoms c/o Spartoo


  1. When I'm at the gym I don't care at all what I look like. My trainer always says that if you have time to look at what anyone else is doing you aren't working hard enough. I'm usually so focused on trying not to die while swinging kettlebells or avoiding dropping a weight on my head I don't pay much attention. When I'm choosing trainers I'm all about how nice they feel to wear as when your feet are sore it's hard to want to do much. Those are very pretty! I might have to keep an eye out for them love the mint green 60s trim'


  2. We're girls. Our blogs are a way to represent ourselves. We don't want to show us in non-perfect condition. It's natural.

  3. Gym trousers are the only sort of trousers I ever wear. I don't care what I look like when I go running but I do make a bit more effort for gym classes (as much as I really feel like at 6am!) x

  4. When I'm at the gym, or working out in general, I try not to care about what I look like. Getting ready to go to the gym always makes me worry a little about how scruffy I look but once I'm there I don't have time to care and usually end up turning into a sweaty, red mess and I like that - i shows that I worked hard. It is still so hard to take pictures of my workouts though, like you said, they're a lot more permanent!

    Jodie x

  5. Not having the right gym kit was my excuse for years for not going to the gym. Since having a baby 11 months ago my new excuse is not being able to find the right supportive sports bra!! I dread the day I find the perfect gym kit because that would mean me actually having to go!!

  6. I don't understand why it would ever be a talking point in the first place - who cares if someone wants to exercise in make-up or no make-up? The important thing is that they're exercising and not sat on their arse getting obese and costing the NHS! This argument really brings out the middle-aged man in me, it would seem xxx

  7. aargh that whole Katherine Jenkins thing annoyed me. She was doing it for charity so back off and I can't even leave the house without make up on and she knew she would be photographed. I go to the gym straight from work and have all my make up on.

    I'm twice the size of everyone else at the gym so if I didn't have some concealer on I don't know how I would go there without feeling worse about myself.

  8. I wish people would quit being so critical of other people, if someone wants to work out wearing makeup than so be it, if it makes them happy then what does it matter to anyone else. I work out most of the time in my house but I have sheer curtains in my living room so I do sometimes care. Most of the time I do my work outs in cookie monster pajama bottoms though so lol I'm not sure how much I really care. I love your shoes btw, I need to buy a decent pair of trainers/sneakers, I usually just wear my converse and although they are comfy they aren't ideal for hiking or running.



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