Thursday 13 June 2013

That song that sent me swimming.

I'm not going on a beach holiday this year, so typically I'm now obsessed with looking at cute swimming costumes and flipflops and other things that I probably won't get to wear in this bloomin' country.

The obsession actually started a couple of weeks ago when I was boredly surfing ASOS and tweeting out the craziest swimsuits I could find. Like... what's the point? Really?

All ASOS. All bobbins.

This is TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE POUNDS and does not contain enough material to cover my fingernails.

Aw, I'm sorry ASOS. Look! These are actually really cute!

And look! Here's some more cute swimwear from other places!




  1. A batwing cossie! Really? I like the peachy one in the top right but actually, its just a posing cossie - useless for swimming and the tan lines would be a bit crap too. I'm a fatty so posing cossies? No. lol

  2. Haha I love how designers get carried away. A clear difference between fashion and function here.

    Oh yay, you put in the spotty one with a skirt that I suggested from Debenhams. I recently bought this one as well from M&S which is GORGEOUS (but looks weird on this model)


  3. Had that oh shit moment yesterday, where I realised I a. threw out all my old knackered swimwear after my last hol 2 years ago and b. that by the time my holiday comes around, none of this stuff will still be in the mainstream shops.


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