Friday 7 June 2013

Silver clouds with grey linings.

The pre-summer sales have been kind of amazing lately and my already bulging wardrobe has seen a few new friends joining the ranks. The best sale, I think, has been the New Look near work – which I realise now I actually raved about last year, too! Obviously May is the time to hit up New Look, as they seem to sell off most of their concessions.

I picked up this dress as it was £7 and I can’t resist a bargain or a Peter Pan collar. It’s the perfect dress for Sunday pottering as it’s comfortable and light (I do wish it was a little less loose on top though – I always think that style looks like my boobs end at my belt!). I do like it with the red cardi though – cute, no?

Dress – New Look
Cardigan - Debenhams

Last weekend was incredibly lazy, which was rare and lovely as it seemed to last forever. On Sunday, I went for a wander around the shops with Sha to look for new clothes for her… typically, muggins here came out with two new dresses and Sha barely bought anything! I haven’t been to the town we went to in years but I always seem to find amazing bargains in their Outfit store, I have a theory it’s a bit magical. Well, I have a theory that no one really knows it’s there and so the sales are amazing, actually – and seeing as I picked up this sought-after Topshop number that everyone else bought in December for a FIVER... yeah. One of those theories is definitely correct.

Tomorrow I am off to my first wedding of the year! I’m really excited as I haven’t had the chance to dress up for MONTHS. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my outfit about six times already, but if not I’ll be posting it up next Friday, I’m sure! Amy always makes fun of me for how many weddings I go to, and so she’s going to have a field day this year as I have five over the next six months. I’m excited though – weddings are basically my favourite things ever. I’m going to be taking my Vivienne Westwood shoes on their first outing and I’m planning to dance the night away. What are you up to this weekend?

PS - I just discovered that it's my blog's fifth birthday today! Happy birthday, Essbeevee!


  1. Ah Sarah blue and red always look so cute together!

  2. I got this dress a while back and think the same thing about the umm boob area.
    I noticed that the dress has ended up with a lot of bobbles where I carry my over the shoulder bag.
    Love it with the red cardi, I'll have to get one :)

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  4. That dress is absolutely adorable and what a fantastic bargain! Shall definitely have to check out my local New Look... I'm blaming you for any purchases :P

    A very happy blog birthday to you! :)

    Florrie x

  5. Love this outfit and well done on the Outfit bargains!

  6. I really like this dress, especially with the cardi!

    Maria xxx


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