Wednesday 18 September 2013

I want it all, and I want it now.

So it turns out that Warehouse have started a 90 minute delivery service. 90 minutes, you guys! That kind of blows my mind. I am the most impatient online shopper ever, so the idea of ordering something at lunchtime and having it before the end of the afternoon is just like my dream.

As part of the campaign to launch this service, Warehouse have created a video about a girl who changes outfits every 90 minutes. I could totally do this. I think I have enough dresses to keep me going for at least a week, don't you? Yeah, you're right. Probably longer.

I love Warehouse too much anyway, so I wish I'd known about the competition that prompted this video beforehand so I could have submitted some of my favourite Warehouse outfits to be part of it. But as I missed that, here's some pretty stuff that's on Warehouse right now.

Oh right, the video! It's here. It's pretty cool, no?

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  1. 90 minutes?! That is amazing!! I love a lot of those dresses. Oh god I can totally see myself doing this....

  2. Loving the flowery pink dress and the red long sleeved dress (even though I already have far too many dresses!). I'm actually really impressed with Warehouse at the moment, they have some lovely things :)

  3. I don't really get how this could even work but if it does then that's fantastic! xxx


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