Friday 27 September 2013

It would be, it would be so nice.

I often think that I mention my best friend Sha so much that people assume we're a couple. We're totally not! I mean, we have planned our wedding, but that's normal. Sha is one of my favourite people in the entire world and is in fact marrying someone else who is not me (WE COULD HAVE HAD BOYBAND THEMED TABLES, SHAHEINA) but that's actually fine because he is very nice and it means that I get to do one of my ultimate favourite things which is plan a hen do!

In an impressive feat we managed to keep the location a total secret until we arrived - Sha knew we were going to France but didn't know WHERE. Avignon seriously delivered though - it's a stunning location in the South of France, and whilst you were all battling the rain last weekend, we were sunbathing by the pool. THIS IS MY SMUG FACE.

I'm going to do a proper Avignon post next week as I have had NO time this week at all due to wedding cake baking (for someone who is not Sha, just to be confusing) but for now I wanted to share one of the outfits I wore. Our accommodation was a fashion blogger's DREAM. Beautiful gardens and lots of hidden little areas that I could potter off to with my tripod. To be honest though, I was with a bunch of girls who I love to pieces and feel entirely comfortable with so them catching a glimpse of me posing away wasn't horrifying in the least. But still. Yeah, I have no point.

This beautiful dress popped up on my Pinterest a little while ago and I just fell in love. I adore Modcloth, but it's one of those websites I cannot go on because it makes me miserable that they are so far away. And also it's dangerous. This website could lead me into bankruptcy. Beautifully dressed bankruptcy. In the end, I begged my American friend Cat to let me get this sent to her and for her to post it on. Which she did! With chocolate! It was fine becuase I then sent back chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better.

Isn't this perfect though? ISN'T IT? It's watermelons! I felt super stylish strutting around Avignon in this. I don't know what else to say about it, really, because LOOK at it. It's lush, right? Plus it has pockets. POCKETS.

I'm on a swing!

Sunglasses - Burberry c/o Sunglasses Shop
Shoes - Primark (similar flat peep toes here by Abbey Dawn)


  1. I love this dress, the print is so summery! I met Sha at a bloggers event with you a while ago - congratulations to her on getting married soon! x

  2. You look stunning here and so slim too!

    Maria xxx

  3. Wow you look so slim....gorgeous xxx


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