Friday 20 September 2013

I think I'm ready to leap, I'm ready to live.

I'm in France! I'm in France! I sort of love that about scheduled posts. Especially when I am somewhere more exotic than home. FRANCE. Right now, you've just finished work and I am stuffing my face with wine and cheese. Not to rub it in. How about you have wine and cheese for dinner tonight? There we go.

My lover Amy bought me this cute dress for my birthday. I'm actually not a very pastels girl, but the prettiness of this print has won me over. It's so girlie and flowery and lush and totally goes with tights as well as bare legs. CROSS SEASONAL YOU KNOW. I popped the shoes on for these photos thinking that I might wear them out, and then was like 'No...' Turns out I am totally over the whole t-bar thing. Maybe I am finally growing out of the urge to dress like a four year old.

I decided to be all curly when I took the photos for this post. My hair is naturally curly, but lately I've got in the habit of wearing it up or curling it with ghds and had actually kind of forgotten what it does when left to its own devices (and helped along with some defrizzing magic potions which I can't recommend because they don't make them any more DAMNIT). It's pretty damn curly! But then sometimes it ends up being a frizzball so I can't embrace it all the time because it just won't let me.

Anyway. What are you doing this weekend? Me? Oh, not much. EXCEPT FOR HOW I AM IN FRANCE. More on that next week, probs!

Dress - New Look
Tights - Primark
Necklace c/o GoGo Philip


  1. i love those shoes, i guess i still want to dress like a child lol

  2. Ahh this dress is lovely! Reall love the colours in it - the orange flowers keep it from being too pastel-y! Your shoes are super cute as well!

  3. Truly love this outfit Miss, it's such a pretty dress and I love the shoes and tights combo. BABE XX

  4. This dress is lovely! I was seriously tempted by those shoes but I think you're right, they may be a bit cutesy for me!

    Maria xxx

  5. Oh I really WANT those shoes - what are they? x x

  6. I love those shoes......they look so comfy and like they'd go with anything. Hope you're having/had a great time in France mmmmm wine and cheese xxx


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