Sunday 29 September 2013

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Even though I’ve just come back from a few days in France, I’m already planning my next escape! I’m off to America in November and I cannot flipping wait. Ah! One of my favourite people ever, Erin, is celebrating her wedding in Texas and I’m making the trip over there to see her. Then I’m flying over to NYC with my buds and am going to hit the shops (and the restaurants) hard! So excited, SO EXCITED.

I’m not making very firm plans for Texas, because it’s mostly going to be taken up by wedding and surrounding activities. I’d quite like to go to an IHOP (we may be staying next door to one!) and having a breakfast taco is obviously a big priority. But for New York, I have been doing lots of research! I’ve actually been before, when I was 19, so this time around I’m less fussed about doing the touristy thing and more into eating good food and buying lots of clothes and makeup.

Here are some of my plans....

I found this list on Buzzfeed of the best places with all you can drink brunch buffets. I was planning on hitting one a day, but apparently brunch is a weekend thing. SAD TIMES. We’re only there for 5 days and we go home on the Saturday, but our flight isn’t until 10pm so more than enough time for brunch, no?

Vintage Shopping
Well, let’s see. I love the idea of vintage shopping but I am very lazy and will probably just end up doing a trolley dash in Macy’s instead. But if I DO end up vintage shopping, I’m going to print out this list and take it with me. Rummaging!

All the food
Remember how I’ve been on Weight Watchers all year and have lost a bunch of weight? Yeah, I’m not really planning to track much in the States. Especially after I found this list... again on Buzzfeed! I love Buzzfeed, and their timely lists. So many of them are about food.

Central Park
I’ve been to Central Park, and remember it being super nice, but my friend sent me a list of all the notable sights within it and I remember NONE of them. Which makes me think that I just walked in circles around a really small part of it. Like a confused dog. Awesome. So! Back to Central Park I go. I want to see the castle and dance under the bridge singing songs from Enchanted (I thought the castle was in Enchanted too but then I realised that it was actually The Smurfs which is a film I probably shouldn’t admit to having seen).

Take a look at the UK Ben & Jerry’s site. Now take a look at the US version. THERE ARE SO MANY MORE FLAVOURS OVER THERE. I was furious when I read this, and determined to try as many as possible. This one has potato chips in it! I know that sounds weird but I suspect it will be amazing! I also want all the sweets and peanut butter M&Ms and maybe to finally try a twinkie.

NBC Store
I am a massive telly addict, which probably doesn’t come across on the blog too much, but it definitely does on Twitter. This awesome store has memorabilia from shows like Community, 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. I want a Good Morning with Troy & Abed mug!

I’ve had this rant for years that Carmex is available in the US in clicksticks but over here, only in the little pots (which leave you with a layer of lipbalm under your nails) or the squeezy tubes (which always over-squeeze so you end up with over lip-balmed lips). Now, finally the clicksticks are available but they are like £3.50 each! In America, they’re closer to a dollar. I’m stocking up, I’m stocking up good. That’s my priority, but there’ll be millions of other things, I’m sure. American products, you so cheap. Did you know that OPI costs about the same in dollars as it does in pounds? For instance, your £10 bottle of OPI - $10! That works out about £4 cheaper. I’m going to buy SO MUCH.

Ground Zero
As much as my list above is incredibly frivolous, going to the World Trade Center memorial is a must for me. I visited New York the year the attacks happened, and was up the World Trade Center almost exactly two months before the attacks. Watching the attacks was chilling enough, but having been there so close left me pretty shaken. I really want to see the pools and the memorial and remember what happened – as horrible as it was. I’ve been advised that you have to book though, if you’re planning a trip too.

I’d love to have your input though – have you been? Where do you think I should go? Is it possible to do too much shopping? I think not – I’m also planning to get a credit card with American Express so I don’t have to take loads of cash with me – always makes me nervous! I’ve found in the States that more places take credit cards than UK debit cards, and as withdrawing money is so expensive, I’m planning to go plastic wherever possible.



  1. I'm so jealous! I was planning my own trip to NY this time last year - this year I'm having a weekend away with the same girls to Old York instead, sigh.

    We went to Ground Zero but didn't have to book, we were just allocated a time about 45 mins later so browsed in the shop til then. I did some blog posts about my trip which can tell you more than I can in a comment:

    Biggest recommendation though is Pershing Square for breakfast but I think you might have already been as one of your pics is from just outside there. Have fun - I'm so jealous!!!

  2. Despite being off to Vegas in 2 weeks I'm still envious of your NY trip; it's my favourite place in the world!

    I love the supermarkets too, when I was in Florida last year my brother, SIL & her brother worked our way through the Ben & Jerry's list.

    If you can afford to give up a day I'd recommend going shopping Woodbury Common Premium Outlet. Once there ask the reception desk to get you a taxi over to their retail park, there's a Target, Walmart, craft stores etc. And then return to the shopping outlet and you'll save a fortune on your shopping and know what to look for in NY shops such as Macy's etc. You also get some great views of NY as you get the coach out.

    Walking round Central Park was my favourite thing I did on my last trip. I'd actually never been to Central Park before and there were exercise classes, runners everywhere, people going for strolls. It really felt like NY!

    Right I'll stop there as I could go on all night!


  3. Ooo exciting!i was supposed to go to America this year and it would have been tomorrow if we went.....gutted xxx

  4. I went to the NBC store when I was there; we actually just chanced upon it on a Saturday night when it was closed, we literally had our faces pressed up against the window looking at all the goodies! We went back on the Sunday, of course, and my friend bought me a pen in the shape of House's cane because my Hugh Laurie obsession was pretty massive back then.

    And yay for that photo of the Chrysler Building. It's my favourite building in the whole world.

    Janey x

  5. Oooh have fun! I went when I was 19 as well, it was my first trip abroad on my own. I had some money left from my student loan, it was exactly one year after 9/11, the flights were cheap and I thought why not?

    I loved Grand Central Station, South Street Seaport (and the views of the bridges), coming back over to Manhatten on the free Staten Island ferry at dusk and the mixture of art and 80's punk in the East Village.

    I'd love to go back again one day and take my other half - there's so many places to show him! :-) x


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