Wednesday 18 December 2013

Macy's Christmas Hall

As much as I enjoy Christmas, some of the sheer tack around at this time of year does baffle me. I mean, you can buy a singing Christmas pudding in Wilkinsons. What even IS that.

When I visited the Christmas Hall in Macy's in NYC, I wasn't intending on taking photos, but I couldn't resist. I've never seen such a weird selection of decorations before. Don't get me wrong - some were absolutely stunning (I'm sad I didn't photograph the replica Faberge eggs) but for every pretty one, there were twenty WTF ones. You wanna see, right?

So many novelty nutcrackers. Lord.

You know what's a good theme for ANY party? Under the sea!
Okay, truthfully, I kinda love those jellyfish.

Do you love your phone? Like, REALLY love your phone? Express it on your tree!

Look, we all love shoes. I have sparkly shoe decorations on my tree. But... really? Ugg boots? Those pink things? I just... I don't... I can't.

The questionable 'Chinese' tree, featuring pandas, dragons, takeaway cartons and... sushi. Um. Really?

Take the hint, Santa.

And finally, a few things that were actually kind of nice. But they're not as fun, are they?


  1. Got a soft spot for the cakes on a stand!

  2. I soooo love Macys.. It is so magical at Christmas.

    X x

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