Sunday 20 January 2013

Cold hands, warm heart.

I woke up this morning, took one look outside and said 'Well, I am not leaving the house today.' After a day or two of snow, I get seriously sick of the stuff, and after slipping and sliding my way home last night (admittedly after rather a lot of red wine), staying inside seemed like the best plan.

Luckily, my housemates persuaded me to see daylight and so I wrapped up warm, pulled on my trusty Hunter welly boots (normal shoes just don't cut it in this weather!) and ventured into St Albans for a walk in the snow and a yummy roast dinner.

I've been thinking about doing more posts on my little town for a while - I've lived in St Albans for my whole life, and yet I don't talk about it all that much. Since moving, I now live walking distance from the centre, and it's such a pretty place, I want to share more about it!

So in addition to the pretty photos of a snow covered Abbey (don't you think it's rather Hogwarts-ian?) I'm also going to do my first pub review. I'm on a mission to find the best roast dinner in St Albans, and figure I might as well record my attempts here!

The White Hart (website)
This pub is in one of St Albans's oldest buildings (dating to 1470) and has been given a bit of an overhaul in recent years. It's cosy and sumptuous with friendly, attentive staff. The prices aren't the lowest, but £12 is sort of average for a roast in St Albans.

The roast was nice, but a bit disappointing. It looks fairly small on the plate but it was plenty, and the chicken was moist and tasty. The roasties and yorkshires were a bit dry and I would have liked a lot more vegetables on my plate. The menu said they were honey glazed, which I don't believe they was. The gravy was awesome though, rich and red wine-y.

Overall, 7/10, mostly for the friendly service. Could do better, though!

However, the dessert gets a full on 10/10. Despite being on Weight Watchers, I couldn't resist the sound of Peanut Butter Parfait and I'm glad I didn't. It was AMAZING. Rich and sweet without being sickly, and satisfyingly peanut buttery (why do so many places scrimp on the PB?). I'd go back again, just for this. YUM.



  1. Ohh that looks awesome! I am most disappointed there is no photo of dessert though, that sounds amazing. I love anything peanut buttery.

    1. I know, I failed! I gobbled it up before I could take a picture, haha!

  2. Gorgeous photos!
    That pudding sounds delicious, no wonder you couldn't resist it. If I have a roast dinner out it tends to be a carvery but I find they can be very hit and miss xxx

  3. The only time I've been to St Albans is when my mum made the stained glass in that Abbey, I was only 8, but I;ve wanted to visit agin for so long! Looks so gorgeous in the snow xx

  4. St Albans looks so pretty in the snow! x

  5. God, St Alban's is so beautiful in the snow. My little hometown on the other hand - questionable. How amazing does that roast look as well?! Shame it was disappointing, I haven't tasted an AMAZINGLIKETHEPHOTOS roast in ever. ):

  6. St. Albans looks beautiful! I live pretty close to there, but I've never been! It's a shame the roast dinner was kind of disappointing, the dessert sounds lovely though :) x

  7. I've not been to St Albans for so long..I remember going there with my grandma when I was little! May have to make a trip just for the peanut butter goodnes though...

  8. Peanut butter parfait sounds to die for! And I would love to read a series of Sunday lunch posts, my second favourite meal (after brunch)

  9. Aw shame your roast wasn't up to scratch! Looks very nice though, Lovely photos!

  10. I live a couple of stops from St Albans, it's a lovely place to pop to for dinner and drinks.
    Gorgeous photos. x

  11. Beautiful photos. I'm now wondering why I've never had a peanutbutter parfait, that sounds amazing... xx

  12. I have never been to St Albans but it loos lovely! Peanut butter is amazing too, definitely go back for that!

    Maria xxx

  13. Your pictures makes me miss St Albans so much! xx

  14. Stunning photos, so lovely in the snow :) xxx

  15. That dessert sounds amazing! St Albans looks lovely too, such a pretty place!

  16. Looks beautiful - the snow and especially the food. Still only have rain here, so MIGHTY jealous of these snaps. Stay Warm!!


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