Wednesday 2 January 2013

You know that I would love to see you next year.

As the lingering hangover still attests to - almost 48 hours after it drew to a close - 2012 was the year of parties. Four weddings, a crapload of 30th parties and a baby. I think of it as a year of excess, probably because it WAS. But it was a big year - I moved out, I got a big promotion and I turned 30.

I start 2013 with rather more of me around the middle than in 2012, but with grand plans to improve everything in 2013. As a New Year's cliche, oh yes, one of my biggest resolutions is to eat healthier, and sure, a large part of that is to lose weight, but it's also because I feel ruined. It's ever so dull, but eating healthily and exercising regularly does make you feel better on the inside, as well as the outside. And with a bridesmaid's dress awaiting me by the end of next year, I'd quite like to look my best.

I don't think you should regret anything though, and I don't. It would be easy to curse myself about gorging and boozing my way through the last year, but gosh darnit, it was FUN.

I was thinking about resolutions, and also my 30 Before 30 - which I never QUITE finished - and I plan to extend it. It was much more fun working through a list of fun, achievable things, rather than huge goals like lose 100lbs or pay off all my debts or marry Channing Tatum.

So I plan to go through that this week, update where I got to with it and add some new goals for this year. I mean, Channing Tatum is already married, so that's just SILLY.

Benedict Cumberbatch, on the other hand...




    in a good way because its cute, not in a creepy way.

  2. Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading more in 2013 x

  3. Sounds like you've had an amazing year - so many beautiful dresses along the way! x

  4. I love the October blue dress - you look amazing in it! Looking forward to what your blog has to offer in 2013 :)

  5. What a year it looks to have been. As long as you've enjoyed it, that's the main thing!

  6. Aah Sarah this is SO good!! Love it! Love all the round ups that have been done in the Blogger's own way! You look utterly beautiful in the month of August particularly! It's great when you can conclude a year like you have - I guess mine was lots of completed projects but I think 2013 might be a little emptier!!
    Thanks for sharing your link with me!

  7. Beautiful photos. 2012 was clearly the year of the wedding! xx

  8. This was a beautiful year summary. Love your hair so much!


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