Saturday 5 January 2013

I'm wicked and I'm lazy...

This has been the laziest of days, and it's been awesome. Over Christmas I was expecting to have a few quiet days with no commitments or plans, but they never really materialised, and I went back to work feeling exhausted (not helped by a New Year's hangover that has only just about worn off).

So today, I got up late and had a Sarah Day, fuelled by the CITV Old Skool Weekend - retro kids' telly, all day, basically the stuff dreams are made of. I've painted my nails, done a bit of drawing, a lot of tweeting, and read a couple of chapters of my book. I've barely left my bed all day. It's been ace. I keep meaning to post about my room, but I do love it. It's taken a while but I've got it exactly how I like it - cosy, girlie and, amazingly, all my stuff fits in it. Just.

I've been living in this cosy Joules jumper lately. I'm not normally a jumper girl, but it's so comfy. I had plans to photograph it out and about, but after one look out of the window today, I came down on the side of laziness. Has the sun even come up today?

Judging from Twitter, a lot of you have had a lazy Saturday too. Anyone done anything exciting?

Jumper c/o Joules
Skirt & Peter Pan t-shirt - New Look
Shoes (in background) - Buffalo heels


  1. This jumper is the cutest thing EVER! Your bedroom is adorable too, I don't blame you AT ALL for hibernating. No, the sun has not come up today. (At least you got dressed, I'm still in my PJs...)

  2. Sounds like a perfect day :) xx

  3. Ready Player One is an awesome book! Enjoy. One of my favourite reads of 2012. Sounds like you had a great day!


  4. I love lazy days! Yours sounds perfect. I have lazed a little today, with a spot of shopping and dinner with my boyfriend tonight. Always nice to relax :) Love your drawings, you have such a talent. xx

  5. That sounds like my perfect kinda of day. I think I was a sloth in my past life haha

  6. What a fabulous room, I love all the girly-ness, I'm a sucker for florals. I love lazy days full of nail painting and book reading, they really are splendid.


  7. This looks like my perfect sort of day. Perfect for a grey January Saturday!

    I love your tray/stand thing for your laptop. Where did you get it from? I need something similar for my laptop!


  8. Lazy days are the best, especially with such a lovely jumper!

    Maria xxx

  9. Love that jumper! Lazy days are the best :)

  10. Stealing your shoe storage system! I have so many aims for my room, but they just don't happen.

  11. you sleep with your shoes?! that's amazing. :-D



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