Wednesday 16 January 2013

Head over heels.

I had the busiest December ever that I still feel like I'm catching up. I'm sort of nearly there, partly because I'm just ignoring some of the stuff I haven't caught up on, but I wanted to tell you about this awesome event I went to just before Christmas. Let's face it, you say 'Shoes' and I am there. Unless you say 'Hey, Sarah,
come stand here whilst I throw shoes at your head' in which case, I am NOT there and OW, what did I ever do to you?

Luckily, Rainbow Club DID say shoes and did not mention throwing anything at anyone so I WAS there and I GOT TO PAINT SHOES YOU GUYS. Rainbow Club will create shoes for you in any colour you want. ANY COLOUR. You could get shoes to match your nails! Or your car! Not MY car, because my car is like, dirty black, and that's not hard to create with shoes. Just wear black shoes and walk through mud and after you've had them for five years vaguely consider the fact that you haven't ever washed them. That's the colour of my car!

ANYWAY. I got my paint on and created these pretties!

Amy made these pretties!

Someone very clever made these pretties!

Shoes do grow on trees! PRETTIES!

We were welcome to take our painted shoes away with us, but as it's really quite hard to stop them being all splodgy, I refrained. But I also got to choose my favourite ever colour and have a pair of pre-painted (professionally) shoes to take home with me, so I thought of all the colours in the world and chose red. Which I sort of feel like I have to defend as it's actually not that crazy or fun but I really love red! And I do not have a really beautiful pair of dressy red shoes. And I buy shoes in funky colours a lot and then never wear them. And they're really really nice. RIGHT CHOICE. I am going to wear them to a June wedding with a navy and white polka dot dress and it will look amazeballs.


  1. Haha, you're my kind of crazy.


  2. Wow they are amazing! what a great thing to get to do. Unique shoes,

    X x

  3. This looked like so much fun! I would have chosen red ones too, they will look awesome with that dress!

    Maria xxx


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