Tuesday 22 January 2013

Wherever I lay my head

Because I'm a nosy sort, some of my favourite blog posts are the kind where I get to have a peek into someone's life. What's in my bag posts are kind of my crack, and god, I love house tours. Love. Them.

Anyway, the last time I did a room tour post, it went down quite well! That was last year, back when I was still crashing at my parents' house, but now I am in my own little place and have been dying to share more than just little glimpses. I live in a house share with two other lovely ladies, and between us we've made our house into the cosiest, girliest home that ever there was.

I'll share some pics of the rest of the house at a later date, but for now I wanted to share my favourite place - my cosy little room. It was a challenge - it's very small, and I have a LOT of stuff.

I'd love to replace all the furniture with clean, white stuff - but the drawers were here when I moved in and fit perfectly within the space, and the wardrobe was sold to me for pennies by my sister, and it seems silly to spend the money when everything is perfectly fine (doesn't stop me wanting to though!).

My bed is from Ikea and barely fits in the room - hilarity ensued when my dad and I tried to get it in! I'm not sure it'll ever make it out again. I'm glad we persevered though as it just wouldn't have worked having it the other way around, there'd be so much less space. The bed doubles as a storage area, with my heels propped over the rail at the end which I love - pretty and functional! (I always get asked this, but no, I don't kick them off in my sleep - they are pretty high up, and I have very short legs)

I just bought a full length mirror - it hangs over my wardrobe door, and it is tacked on at the bottom with double sided tabs designed for outdoor use so it doesn't bang about. It's so good! Before this, I had stuck tiles on the wardrobe door and they looked scruffy - not to mention a couple got cracked because they are so flimsy. This was only £12.50 in the Cargo sale.

I got suitcases from car boots to put on top of my wardrobe - amazing for general bits or bulky items (the brown one holds my petticoats which take up SO MUCH ROOM). I have more downstairs for things like hats and scarves and fancy dress clothes! Another car boot find is my bedside table is an old sewing box I got from a car boot which gives me more storage. I tried to make it the 'If it's going to be anywhere, it'll be there' place. Everyone needs one of those.

The lamp was a TK Maxx bargain a few years ago - I've never seen them since, but it's the kind of quirky classic that I think I'll have forever.

I have a little dressing table, sort of - another set of drawers which holds all my makeup and bits (there's so much, it's shameful). The pretty mirror was a gift from dotcomgiftshop. I'm such a sucker for shabby chic! My jewellery hooks are from Sass & Belle, and although they're great, I've had to rehang them with string as the weight of all my necklaces were too much for the glue holding it together! It works fine this way, though.

I love the little pots for my hair grips and hair bands - I am a firm believer that things can be pretty and functional! The blue pot is from a car boot and the clear bonbon jar is again from dotcomgiftshop. It's so useful as the lid is the perfect size to use for a candle snuffer, meaning that when I blow out my favourite candles (I'm obsessed with the Glade Honey & Chocolate ones) my room doesn't smell of smoke for hours!

That rather messy looking hanger is on the back of my door, which holds all my belts (and my camera bag). The little chandelier is a Christmas decoration I picked up in America a few years ago and the Alice print was another car boot find.

And finally, my gravity-defying, stuffed-to-the-brim shelves. A lot of my books are downstairs but I've kept the favourites up here, and all my BITS. I love packed shelves - organised clutter, I guess. I have shoes nestled in with books and jewellery draped over everything. I love the whole effect, although I'm sure it's not anyone! I just don't think I can DO minimalist.

I got the little birdhouse in the Wilkinsons sale - far too nice for the garden, it holds all my Lush bits instead. And lots, and lots of sparkly shoes. You just can't lock sparkly shoes away, especially my sparkly Shelly heels that I just had to buy in both colours (the Dorothy ones are amazing but the silvery ones are multi-coloured glitter and are even more amazing). You might spot my beloved birthday crown (and lots of other circusy souvenirs) and my dear little Madeline doll, as well as one of my favourite pictures of my best friends from Sha's birthday.

It's taken absolutely forever to put this post together! I'm so fond of my room and all the little details that I've accumulated. Have you ever done a room tour? I'd love to see! Remember? Nosy.


  1. Love this. I'm with you - I love a good nosey!

    I especially enjoy the use of the bed end as a shoe rack AND the fact that you've made use of every inch of space. In the best way possible, it looks like a kind of jumbly shop you'd definitely want to look in!

  2. I love this post! I am majorly nosey too, these are my favourite kind of posts.
    Your room is gorgeous, I love that you have shoes nestled everywhere!! I'd have never thought to do that.
    You have inspired me to maybe give this kind of post a go myself =) xx

  3. I agree, I love nosing at other people's homes! Love your room - it is absolutely full to the brim & so sparkly (heaven for magpies like me!). x

  4. Oh, and I don't have a bedroom tour, but I have a library tour (my favourite room in my house!) here: http://www.eversojuliet.com/2012/10/my-library.html x

  5. Love your room, the little details are so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  6. Love it! & I really like the idea of the sewing box for a bedside table :D xx

  7. Love it, would spend ages exploring the shelves. That's my kind of shelf.

  8. Awesome room - so many pieces with stories behind them! AND we have the same lamp, which we also got from TK Maxx(it was the first NICE thing I talked my boyfriend into buying after he and all his cheapest-lamp-in-Poundstretcher clutter moved into my flat).

  9. Great post. I'm moving (AGAIN) soon and I'm looking forward to getting my room looking nice. Love your shoe collection. xx

  10. i spy the little Polly Pocket clock I used to have when I was little!! bless it, with it's secret garden compartment at the back! And when ever you tried to twizzle the little 'Polly's' around on that wheel they always fell forward like they were bowing, used to ruin my little shows!! thanks for bringing back that little memory =)

  11. I also had the same Polly Pocket clock! God I loved it. Think it's somewhere in the attic. I love how you make use of every inch of space in your tiny room. Your shoe collection is my favourite.

  12. Your room is absolutely gorgeous! Love it so much :)

  13. Your room is beautiful! It's so very personal and you, and I love the shoe storage!

  14. Wow your room is so nice! Lots of stuff without looking messy!

  15. Literally inspiring me to go sort out my little room.
    Does it ever get really messy though? My room just seems to explode from time to time.


    1. Oh yes - it's so small that if I forget to put my clothes away one night after work it will be instantly messy. There's nowhere to PUT anything, not even a chair or something to dump clothes on. But the good thing is that it's pretty quick to tidy because it's small! I think it takes two or three steps to get from the bed to the door, haha!

      And the camera bag is from River Island. It's a really good size. :) A year or so old but they've had similar ones in from time to time, or look on Ebay!

  16. Also, I adore your camera bag. Where's it from? xx

  17. Wow you have a lot of stuff (all pretty stuff too) it is like a little Aladdin's cave in here, I love it!

    New follower :)

    Janine xx
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  18. I love your room, so darling. And I we have the same bed!


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