Friday 15 February 2013

Be careful making wishes in the dark.

Here is a secret. Occasionally - OCCASIONALLY - I am wrong. I know, I know, I am as shocked as all of you. But it's true. And when it came to retiring Friday Frocks last year - I was wrong. I missed it! I liked having an excuse to talk about dresses every week, and I liked the fact that it gave my blog more of an identity - even if it was 'Damn, that girl has a lot of dresses.'

So, we're back! I'm going to mix it up a bit this time around though - rather than a new dress every single week, I'll be including frocks I've shown on here before, styled differently. My theory is that this will stop me spending QUITE so much money on dresses!

Starting back off is a new dress that I am completely in love with. Don't you just love it when you pull on something and it makes you feel like a million dollars? This fits beautifully and I adore the colour. Also it's the ideal style for work or play - a good length (and neckline) and... oh, it's just goddamn PRETTY. It was also a frigging steal at just £19 from Zalando. Amazing! Also, I think it'll look lovely in the summer with bare legs and wedges (I am so flipping tired of winter!).

I wear my hair like this a lot but it's the first time I've ever seen what it looks like from the back. It looks pleasingly complex, even though it really isn't. I'm also still seriously infatuated with the colour... and it's so nice to be without roots for once!

Tights - Primark
Necklace - Accessorize
Ash Court Shoes - Spartoo Shoes

PS - The Winner of my Blinkbox giveaway is Georgina from Caramel Latte Kiss! I just couldn't resist a Buffy reference, even though, er, Oz didn't appear until the SECOND season. Tut tut. I'll be in touch!


  1. Yaaay welcome back Friday Frocks! I love this dress, really suits you! Also looooving your hair! :D

  2. Hurrah hurrah!!!! I was missing Friday Frocks so much (my bank balance, not so much - I just clicked on the link because I am so WEAK, WEAK I TELL YOU). Such a pretty dress to start things off with again. Actually remixing posts like The Clothes Horse's ones are some of my favourites, they're so inspirational - looking forward to yours!

    The complex-plait is so pretty on you though I have no idea how you did it!

  3. I do love your Friday Frocks, Sarah :) You have inspired me to do a similar thing but have "Dress Day" once a week to showcase my own abundance of dresses. Would you follow that? xx

  4. Glad Friday Frocks is back! I'll especially enjoy how you re-style different outfits :)

  5. Love the Friday Focks, such a lovely idea. I also have massive hair envy right now! X

  6. I really like your dress, such a gorgeous colour and looks great on you! x

  7. Friday Frocks is definitely missed, I would be very happy to see it return as I live in dresses too! :) xx

  8. Lovely dress Mrs, and your hair looks amazing and bright here xx


  9. that is such a pretty dress! so glad Friday frocks is back!

  10. You look beautiful, I love this dress and yay for Friday Frocks' return!

    Maria xxx

  11. Yay, welcome back Friday Frocks! Love this dress. xx

  12. Friday Frocks! So glad it's back! As a fellow dress addict, it was nice seeing what dresses you were buying and loving, even if you are a complete dress buying enabler. Damn you.

  13. What a beautiful outfit! You look really stunning with this dress! Love it!

    Best Jasmin


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