Friday 22 February 2013

This night is winding down but time means nothing.

Dress - New Look
Bag & Shoes c/o Next
Belt - Accessorize
Necklace - Topshop
Tights - Primark

This post is inspired by that moment when you're playing with your hair in your PJs and it looks better than it's ever looked - completely wastefully, of course, because you're about to go to bed. That kind of happened to me last week.

No, I didn't go to bed seconds after taking these pictures - promise! But my hair fell perfectly and my makeup just WORKED and of course that was all too good to be true. But I made it out the door and to the train station, to which I found out about this. No trains running, at all. Night out plans - scuppered. So I headed home and shared my glossy hair with my housemates instead.

The night out was organised by Next, and was supposed to be an evening of speed dating with lots of other lovely bloggers (all decked out in some lovely Next garments of course). I couldn't decide on a dress, so ended up wearing an old faithful and opted for these leopard print Next accessories instead. I'm fond of leopard print, even though I'm never sure if it's very me - and I'd always think of it as a PROPER night out pattern (here's one case in point, here's another). But I think the low heel of these shoes make them more chic than trashy and I adore the design of the clutch bag - it's totally the perfect size, too. I even managed to squeeze a pair of flats in there! I think leopard print is my new favourite thing, actually - I'm having a bit of a moment with these fun Emma Go flat shoes from Spartoo, too. PRETTY.

The dress, like I said, is an old faithful. I wear it constantly - to work, on nights out... blah blah. It's a great length, a great cut, and let's face it, black goes with EVERYTHING. The last time I featured it here, I wore it to London Fashion Week - so it's funny that I've opted to feature it, again during LFW! Although I must confess I didn't bother this year - I opted to spend the weekend hanging with my sister instead. Much more my cup of tea, lately.

I have to say I prefer the styling of the dress now - I think this is a sign of how your tastes change without you realising it. I don't think I'd ever go back to the crazy bright hair (I do so prefer occasionally passing for a natural ginger) and I prefer to be a bit simpler in my accessories. But, saying that, I always feel the need to over-accessorise at LFW, so perhaps that's not really fair. I stand by my choice of hair colour though!


  1. Yeah I agree it's crazy even how in a short time frame you view everything differently, style wise. I think you get to a point were you feel good in what your wearing, it took me so long to get back there post baby. I love the shoes and the clutch, and the belt with the dress is so cute xx

    1. Thanks my love! I also think the different hair colour makes a huge difference, I loved it when it was bright red but I so much prefer it all ginger! :)

  2. You look gorgeous here, totally love your current hair colour, it is my dream hairdo!

    Maria xxx


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