Monday 11 February 2013

Giveaway: Blinkbox Movies & Popcorn!

There's something I kind of like about a hungover Sunday. I mean, apart from the whole feeling rubbish thing, but I do like having a justifiable excuse to be totally lazy. Although I did leave the house today, thank you very much. Sha cooked us all brunch - breakfast quesadillas are my new favourite thing! But after that I crawled home and vegetated for the rest of the day, made a little more pleasurable by buying some fit leather Converse trainers from Spartoo Shoes - oh, and by Blinkbox who sent me some tasty 'aphrodisiac' chocolate and ginger popcorn and a couple of codes to watch movies online.

I can't really vouch for how aphrodisiac the popcorn is to be honest, but it was definitely yummy, and that's what counts, right? However, if you'd like to have your own lazy day - or, even better, use the popcorn and movies for a romantic night in - Blinkbox have given me some to give away!

All you need to do to win some popcorn and movie codes of your very own is:

1) Follow @blinkbox on Twitter
2) Leave me a comment telling me who you'd like to share a box of popcorn with (mine is Ryan Gosling. So you can't have him. Sorry.)
3) Also let me know how to get in contact with you (either an email address or Twitter username)

I'll draw a winner on Friday. Good luck!



  1. Henry Cavill. He is MINE. And he likes horsey girls, so this is a good sign. But if Gene Kelly was alive it'd be a tough choice between the two...

    I'm following Blinkbox on Twitter - @OddSocksAlex

  2. I'd share with my boyfriend. Or Patrick Stump :)
    I follow blinkbox on twitter: @alittleteapot3

  3. I'd share with my hubby, Colin, as we don't spend enough time just chilling!
    sharon X

  4. I would share it with my partner of Tom Daley!

    I follow blinkbox on Twitter as @MummyToTheMax

    knightwoodroad at Hotmail dot com

    Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

  5. I'm following Blinkbox on Twitter - @caramelattekiss

    Living in fantasy land, I'd share my popcorn with Oz from Buffy, because I heart him, and have ever since I first saw him in the first season of Buffy. Are fictional characters allowed?
    If not, I guess I'll share with the boyfriend. If I have to.

  6. I've followed Blinkbox -@elenalucie.

    It's boring but I'd like to share my popcorn with my hairy husband. He's been so patient and supportive through a really tough few months and he deserves a treat. I don't want a big, fancy Valentine's, I just want to cuddle up on the sofa with him with a film. And a good old fashioned grope haha.

  7. I can't say I'd share it. I am a greedy, fat pig :D
    I'm following blinkbox on Twitter as @jenny.stradling

  8. I'm following Blinkbox @sarahkinally
    after seeing Les Mis I'd share my popcon with Hugh Jackman although my ultimate film watching bud would be Meryl Streep

  9. I'm following @cheapkicksblog
    Well if I can pick anyone I'd go with Johnny Deep......hmmm

  10. I'm following Blinkbox on twitter (@PaigeBrown5)

    I would share mine with Hugh Jackman

  11. @emdawgb

    I would like to share popcorn with my best friend who I haven't seen for a few months. If she can't make it, I guess my boyfriend will have to suffice. Though his film taste is poor :P

  12. I wouldn't share mine at all - no man comes in the way of me and my food! And it sounds delicious! :D
    Twitter: @elettravelle

  13. I would pick Tim Burton. I would love to get his insight into other films but his own. Can he watch normal films? Does he analyse everything? Would be awesome!


    1. Hi Shauna, I'm afraid this giveaway is now over as stated in the above post. A winner was drawn last Friday 15th Feb. I do agree that Tim Burton is awesome though!

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