Wednesday 20 February 2013


I'd be lying if I said I was the kind of person who didn't believe hype. I TOTALLY believe hype. If there is hype, I am THERE. This is why I'm obsessed with limited edition chocolate bars and the KitKat flavour challenge. HYPE.

Hype has different levels though, because there is NORMAL hype and there is BLOGGER hype. And the thing about blogger hype is that, as bloggers, you can think something is totally overdone like ombre hair or nail art, but for normal people, it might be the first time they've seen polka dot nails or blonde ends. Seriously!

Anyway, the topcoat trend has been totally hyped in blog land, and I've succumbed and I WANT IN. This is the new big thing in easy nail art, and I can't wait to see what nail art champs Barry M and Models Own bring to the plate. For now, the only reasonably priced offering I've seen out there is Confetti by L'Oreal.


It's similar to a glitter topcoat, but the glitter is matte, creating an awesome speckly look. Kind of like mini eggs! It's not even worthy of a tutorial - just paint your nails normally and then add a coat of Confetti. Easy!

In real life though - not Blog World - no one knows what this is, and I even had people thinking that I'd drawn on the tiny spots myself. Ha! As if. So pop out to Boots or Superdrug to pick it up (I thought it was really sought after and hard to find, and was even hunting on eBay, but then I visited my local Boots and it was cheerfully sitting there. And in Superdrug!) and BLOW PEOPLE'S MINDS. For, like, the 2 weeks before L'Oreal start advertising it.

Also, Illamasqua have brought out a speckled purple which is super pretty, but at £14.50 a pop I say BOO. L'Oreal's Confetti is just £5 and means you can speckle up whatever colour you choose, like my ultimate fave, Parlez Vous OPI? LUSH.

I think this ensemble would go beautifully with these lilac Converse trainers from Spartoo, don't you think? PRETTY.



  1. Oh wow your naildesign is awesome!! I definitly have to buy this two naipolishes! The combination is just perfect!

    Best Jasmin

  2. I think it's time to succumb to this topcoat. Eek. Looks so nice with Parlez Vous!

  3. Oooh this is cute! And I think I have enough advantage points on my boots card, so it could actually be free...

  4. Great result. I love that lilac colour.

  5. You're so right about blogger hype. That ombre hair stuff they're advertising on the telly just now? I initially scoffed, "Pah! That's SO overdone!" before realising that I hadn't seen a single IRL person with ombre hair - just five million or so bloggers.

  6. This looks lovely! The colours go great together, think I might try it with pastels too.


  7. It looks great with Parlez-Vous OPI! I agree, L'Oreal Confetti is a great topcoat and it looks fab over just about any colour. I'm wearing over OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede right now and it looks totally different.

    There's pics of my version over on my blog if it's OK to post a link:


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