Monday 27 May 2013

Hell for leather.

For the longest time I have wanted a leather biker jacket, and for the longest time I have tried them on and felt like I look terrible in them and put them back with sadness. You know how some trends just seem out of your reach? Like skinny jeans - they're just not made for my my hips. Or baseball caps. Well, that's no great loss.

I just couldn't come to terms with not suiting these jackets, because I kept seeing adorable ladies in little dresses teamed with biker jackets, and they looked brilliant. And in this annoying Winter/Spring hybrid we're dealing with at the moment, I was just thinking more and more 'You know what would look great with this outfit? A leather jacket. But they do not suit me. WHY DOES THE WORLD HATE ME?'

I've been persevering, but every time I tried one on, I just felt like I was wearing someone else's clothes. They just didn't seem to fit me right - they were either too long, too boxy, didn't have a hope in hell at doing up... ugh. It turns out though, that I hadn't found the RIGHT jacket for me. I found this in H&M and for the first time, actually felt like this could be MY jacket. And, as it is faux leather, it wasn't a scary investment, so I just bought it, even though I was kind of scared that I was trying to wear something that totally wasn't me (thank goodness for the Instagram test). And you know what? I love it.

This is my theory - the jacket looks okay because it's cut nicely for short, curvy ladies. It's actually slightly cropped so is a good length for my shortness, is boob friendy and the sleeves roll up nicely (I think secretly I'd like 3/4 length sleeves, but it's good to have the option, right?). And it was only £30, so, I'm a happy little sausage. And, to be honest, anything you want is YOU, as long as you wear it and it makes you feel happy. I'm all for being stubborn.

Now I've found the merits of a lovely leather jacket, I find myself coveting a REAL one. Kristabel's latest post has given me serious jacket envy.

Leather jacket from H&M
Dress - Prodigy Red
Boots - New Look


  1. Ahh I adore my jacket too, I love how it goes with pretty much everything and I particularly like wearing it with very girly pink dresses :) it just WORKS! Looks particularly excellent with this dress, well done m'dear xx

  2. My H&M one did me so well, and I love my Topshop one with a detachable fur collar, until I saw like 50 zillion other people wearing it lately. Loving yours, glad you didn't return it, also those boots are beautiful.

  3. Hey,
    Great pictures and a beautiful outfit. I love your dress. Suits you so good.

  4. This jacket looks amazing on you, I need to dig my leather jacket out again it is perfect for this inbetweeny weather!

    Maria xxx


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