Saturday 18 May 2013

Space oddity.

I was going to start this post with something like 'Nerdy confession alert' - but you guys KNOW I'm a total nerd, right? It's not really a secret. But even with that widely known fact, when I admit I kind of love Doctor Who, people are sometimes a little surprised. I guess it is pretty nerdy, and to be honest it's often pretty awful, yet I have to watch it every week. If only to feel ultimately irritated by it. Also, I miss Tennant.

Amy Pond was a terrible companion but goodness, I wanted her hair. Not being born a redhead will forever remain a huge unfairness of my life. Clara is, so far, a little more likeable, and although her hair is very lovely and bouncy, it's her insistence on wearing short dresses and opaque tights that has me penning this post. Because, gosh darnit, I just want every item of her wardrobe.

Sidenote - is it HER wardrobe, or does she raid the Tardis wardrobe every time? If so I find it kind of creepy that all these companions are prancing around in these old clothes. Who did they belong to? Most of these people are probably dead! And surely no one, but no one, would want to wear anything from Rose's era. PunkyFish needs to stay in the early 2000s, no?

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ANYWAY. The internet has jumped on Clara and her awesome wardrobe and has done a pretty good job of tracking down exact matches to some of her clothes. But most of them are sold out or incredibly expensive so instead I'm just going to show you how to mimic it, a little. This is basically a thinly disguised wishlist because I WANT ALL THESE THINGS.

Dresses: River IslandTopshopNew Look
Leather Jacket: H&MASOS

Satchel: Zatchels (real leather) or eBay (faux leather)

Boots: Topshop

To be honest, I think if Clara raided my wardrobe for tonight's season finale, no one would blink an eye. All the reds! All the black accessories! It's not so much about stealing her style, I think she's stealing MY style...


  1. I love this post, oh my goodness, I've been looking for Clara's dress for a while now, but they've all sold out wherever I've searched.
    You're a hero.

  2. I love her style. It's really funny - I've had my eye on all 3 of those dresses! I love dr who too. My mum is a huge fan and that's kind of stuck. I really miss David though!

  3. Haha I am watching Doctor Who at the moment so appreciated this post!

    I love her wardrobe too! So many lovely dresses. Love that whole outfit - still trying to decide if I could pull off a leather jacket - need to actually try one on.

    I really like her as a companion too. I did like Amy & Rory, but I definitely prefer Clara.

    Beth - Sans Souci


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