Friday 17 May 2013

Turn on the charm for me tonight.

I have to combine this dress with a modesty panel. MODESTY PANEL. Isn't it kind of a gross expression? It's so utilitarian and middle aged. I feel like Boob Hider is a much better expression, really.

Boob Hiders are a necessity with much of my wardrobe. I have so many clothes that I put on and am like ‘Who is this designed for?!’ Surely displaying one’s whole bra is not a good look for anyone, no matter how large or small their rack? This dress comes to mind - indecent without a top underneath! The worst are those dresses that just don't work with a Boob Hider. Like this one. It's the PRETTIEST, but a vest top kind of ruins the effect. But without it, it's basically just a whole HEY! OBSERVE MY BOOBS! kind of thing and usually, that's not what I'm going for.

Necklace & Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Perlato Court Shoes c/o Spartoo Shoes
Boob Hider & Tights - Primark

I'm loving these shoes at the moment. They're kind of sensible and dull, but they're the perfect height for work and the pointy toes make me feel secretly badass because if anyone pisses me off, I will kick them and DENT THEIR LEGS. That's how I roll, these days. Leg denter. Boob hider. Those are my trademarks.

I was going slightly overboard with Photoshop in 2011 when I last featured this dress, wasn't I?


  1. You are looking fab lately. I need boob hiders too! I once tried on a really pretty v-neck Kate miss playsuit in topshop and the sales assistant told me my cleavage made Kate moss clothes look like porn clothes!!!! Not the look I was going for! X

  2. Gosh tell me about it. I need to have a modesty panel in most of my dresses! Most high street dresses never fit my chest - it's always so depressing in the changing room!

  3. bloody boobs, I can't wear open back dresses or anything wrap over sigh... Pepperberry are amazing for dresses that fit nicely though, well worth paying a bit of a premium for x

  4. I'm exactly the same..never called it a modesty panel, that's pretty funny!

  5. My boobs aren't even that big and I need a 'modesty panel', the high street is rubbish for that!

    Maria xxx


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