Friday 3 May 2013

Sweetheart, bitterheart, now I can't tell you apart.

I hadn’t realised until recently how much I’ve been recycling the same outfits over the past few months. My wardrobe is literally bulging (and I do mean literally – it keeps making worrying creaking noises) and yet I’m fairly sure I wear the same five dresses in different forms of rotation, week in, week out. Partly it’s being in a bit of a rut – when I’m having a sleepy morning, all I want to do is plonk something easy on and attempt to make it to work by 8.59 – but it’s also that whole weight thing I keep trying not to mention. Shrinking back down to roughly where I was means a lot of ‘Oh, I forgot I had that!’ moments, which is the best – it’s like having a whole load of new dresses! And I freaking love new dresses! This is amazing! EXCLAMATION MARKS 4EVA!

I have no idea how I forgot this dress, because I love it so much. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it, and went on about it so much that my lovely friend Ali actually bought it for my birthday the year before last. Look at that happy birthday face (and that bright red hair - I can't believe it was that colour!).

But even though I got the dress in the summer and wore it quite a bit with bare legs, I’ve always thought of it as a wintry dress. It does go well with layers though – my new favourite blazer (second week running, sorry) and my trusty black boots were the perfect accessories to add for my brother’s birthday lunch last week. It’s one of those dresses that I always think would be a very nice work dress, but always refrain from making the transition as I like keeping it for best. Also, it needs ironing, and who can deal with THAT every day? WEIRDOS, that’s who.

Dress – Dorothy Perkins
Blazer & Tights – Primark
Boots – Dorothy Perkins

PS - Congratulations to Elizabeth from Rosalilium who won my ASOS Giveaway! Hard luck, everyone else.


  1. Love this dress. I don't like mixing work and non-work dresses, once something's been work to work then it can never be work socially again! x

  2. The weather has been so schizophrenic recently, I have found it impossible to choose what to wear in the morning! Love this dress, the polka dots are so pretty!

    Maria xxx


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