Friday 24 May 2013

If I stay here, trouble will find me.

Dress - Prodigy Red
Katana Satchel c/o Spartoo
Boots - New Look

I love you, May. All the bank holidays! The occasional moments where you don't have to wear thermal tights! You awesome month, you. My bank holiday weekend is perfectly crafted for optimum socialising and sleeping time. Socialising on Friday, vegging on Saturday. BBQ on Sunday, vegging on Monday. OPTIMUM. I'm going to have so many lie ins. SO MANY.

I stopped wearing this dress for the longest time because I feared it was too short, but when I put it on again recently I realised that I was talking crazy. I mean, it's not the most demure dress I own, but it's totally fine, right? And it's a good in-betweeny-weather dress because it's warm enough for cold days but kind of suitable for the warmer days too. With tights, though. I'm still not quite ready to lose my tights.

This little satchel from Spartoo is my new favourite. I talked myself out of buying a brown satchel in the Zatchels sale which I instantly regretted but this is doing the job nicely. It's the perfect size and because it's not the biggest, I can't overstuff it, which is a bad habit of mine (and the cause of my permanently sore shoulders).

Anyway, right now I can't stop thinking about the tub of Ben & Jerry's that's in my freezer, so I might go and investigate that. What are you up to?


  1. I wish i could have some b&J tonight but alas im trying to stick to weightwatchers after being awful for months! Darn meals out and having a social life! Looking lush as always Sarah!

  2. It is a gorgeous dress, and definitely not too short, don't worry :) x

  3. Love the dress, its nice to see before & after!


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