Wednesday 9 June 2010

Scream for ice cream.

Bit of a plug here (unsponsored, though) because I can't bear you lovely ladies to miss out.

The Ben and Jerry's Summer Sundae is on at Clapham Common on 25th July. As well as lovely, chilled bands (like the Doves and Cherry Ghost), and a helter skelter, and a bar and all sorts of other stuff... you also get as much free ice cream as you can eat.


It's normally on or around my birthday (a whole 4 days before this year) and is the perfect way to spend it. I missed it last year because I was at a hen do, so this year I need to eat double the amount of ice cream to make up for it.
You can buy tickets here - only £15 each! They're still available - but there will also be some released for the Saturday, too. Anyway, my ticket is secured - I'll see you at the Phish Food stand.

(I've been scouring my computer for decent pictures of this and can't find any - so I've stolen my friend Russell's. Check out his awesome flickr.)

I know, I've been really posty this week! Long may it last. :)


  1. Ooh I love the Pimms bus! Many happy memories slumped outside it at Bloom Festival a couple of years ago. If only I was near Clapham I would be all over the ice cream!

  2. Phish food - excellent choice!! :)

  3. Oh my god, Pimms bus! This is possibly the best thing I've ever seen! Pimms and Phish Food is a heavenly combo.

  4. oh a helter skelter - aren't they so wonderful to look at? i've never ever been on one!


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