Thursday 17 June 2010

Lord help the Mister...

It's my big sister's 30th birthday today!! Happy birthday Becky! (I know, her party was like two weeks ago. We celebrate a month of birthdays in our family... well, my sister and I do, anyway. Please prepare yourself for July, because that is MY birthday month.)

I got her lots of lovely presents - a subscription to BBC Good Food magazine, some pretty photoframes with old pictures of us in, a Mr Frosty machine (which she said was her favourite present - we've both wanted one forever!) and even a birthday 'stocking' full of silly little bits from Hawkin's Bazaar like jumping beans and a magic tree! Remember magic trees?

I also got her the coolest card ever (stickers!!)...

...although my niece one-upped me as hers was just adorable and so sweet. That's a list of the things she wants to do to celebrate her mum's birthday. Let's just take a moment to AW.

(I know, her spelling isn't great, but she's only six...)

There's only a few weeks left until the three of us move in together, and I can't wait. I know it sounds corny but my sister is my best friend, no one knows me like she does, and we can't wait to make our house beautiful and spend our evenings making awesome dinners and drinking loads of wine.

I framed this one. Because the face of a little girl who has just been caught stuffing a massive lolly into her baby sister's face is too priceless not to share.

Love ya, Becksamina Boogle!


  1. Sweet pictures!:D And the gift wrapping, so girly and cute!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Awwww! You two were such sweet little girls, absolutely adorable.
    Those pressies are fabulously wrapped.
    Off topic butI can't take my eyes of that teak sideboard in the background, that would fit a treat in my house.
    Happy birthday, Sarah's big sis!!!

  3. gorgeous wrapping!

  4. Haha, I think everyone with a sibling has some form of the last photo! I'm getting a banana shoved in my face in the one I have.

  5. Gorgeous pictures, everyone made me aww. Me and my sister are very close, you are so lucky to be able to live with her.

    Fab presents also. I'm holding out for a soda stream machine.

    X x
    p.s your niece totally one-upped you on the card. CUTE!

  6. aww you two are sweet! You're moving in together?! Thats awesome! Cant wait to see your new place!

  7. Happy birthday to your sister :)
    Aww these pictures are too cute! Haha I love the card, especially 'kisiss' hehe.

  8. Such great presents!! I got a Good Food subscription from my little sister and LOVED it - really need to sort out renewing it though! I got a Mr. Frosty for my 18th hahaha it was worth the wait!!

  9. Ah, that's my Granny's, Vix, and it's still there! If she ever wants to get rid of it, I'll let you know!

    Alex, your comment cracked me up. All these pictures should be shared.

    Kel, soda streams are coming back!!

  10. aww that last photo cracked me up!


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