Friday 18 June 2010

Getting by at Glastonbury: Essentials.

Aside from the usual kagoul and wellies (even in the hottest of heatwaves, and in the face of hope-making articles like
this one, it WILL rain, at least once, so don't take that for granted - the great welly drought of 2005 taught us that much), don't forget the suncream.

It sounds unbelievable, but the only place this english rose ever tans is in deepest, darkest Somerset. Oil-free sun lotion like the Simple one you can just see in my picture is a lifesaver - it's designed for the face, so you can just use it instead of moisturiser in the morning.

Don't go anywhere without antibacterial hand gel. TRUST ME. Um, and loo roll. And cleansing wipes - the closest thing to a shower most of us will get. Gross, but... yeah. You'll thank me.

My makeup essential is going to be Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner. If you've ever tried it, you'll know that getting it off is a job of work. Slightly worrying, the morning after the night before, when you've used makeup remover, slept and taken a shower and it's still not totally come off. But when you're living in a field... it's pretty ace. I always feel 80% better in eyeliner.

Don't forget a cool pair of sunglasses - I lived in my heart shaped Primark jobbies last year - and a straw hat goes a long way (I got mine for a fiver at Glastonbury a few years ago, so if you don't have one before you go, don't fret. It will save you from passing out from sunstroke at Dizzee Rascal, too.).

And yes, those are pearls. Why the hell not?

I ALWAYS paint my nails before I go - yep, your nails are going to be minging within five seconds, but this way you don't have to see them. Although I still haven't managed to stop mine from chipping within twenty seconds. I have the most chippable nails ever.

Other, more random tips - I recommend bringing a lilo. It made sleeping much happier last year. And it's cheap! And much lighter than an airbed (my dream would be a double airbed and a double sleeping bag, all to myself, but I refuse to carry it).

Fizzy wine in a can is the best invention ever (and Lidl have stopped selling it! Whyyyy??):

Bring the warmest clothes you own for nighttime (I have these hugely impractical fleece-lined tracksuit bottoms - why would you ever exercise in something so stifling? - which are perfect). Doubling up your tights, or even wearing tights under trousers makes all the difference. Also, Primark's thermal socks are the best thing ever.

And finally, just enjoy it. It's the coolest place ever, and there's so much to see. And if you see me bopping away to Foals, come and say hi! (Although that is unlikely, because it looks like they clash with Shakira, which is gutting, because their new album is SO GOOD. But, you know, Shakira.)



  1. Loved the part about GOSH eyeliner. I have pretty much worn constant eyeliner since I started using mine :p Noice post ;)

  2. Love this post! And thanks for the tip re: the GOSH eyeliner! I was looking for a waterproof one.

    5 DAYS!!! x

  3. Fab post! Although I am shocked at the news that Lidl have stopped selling Prosecco cans! Nooooo - what am I meant to take on picnics and camping trips now?!

  4. omg your photos are GORGEOUS! I love the first two.

  5. Another great Glasto post, Sarah!
    I'm off to town to purchase a GOSH eyeliner as soon I get my ass into gear.
    I love Boot's Soltan ONCE suncream, 'cos you only need to apply it every six hours and stops me looking like a panda after a day sporting huge sunglasses.
    I so want to see Foals but that bloke in my life seems to want to see Shakira, dunno why?!!

  6. oh gosh this is genius! Off to buy that gosh eyeliner now! x

  7. Great post! Love the heart shaped glasses. xo

  8. The tip about painting your nails is so true! It really does help to conceal all the grime and muck that's undoubtedly going to get trapped under them. It doesn't matter if they get a bit chipped though. Adds a bit of grungy festival chic if you ask me :) x x

    Oh and you take such lovely photos for your blog.

  9. I love that blue little caravan thingy!
    also loving your blog, i'm a new follower :)



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