Tuesday 8 June 2010

Having a New Look moment.

I popped into New Look on my lunch break the other day and stumbled upon my achilles heel... a sale! I was fairly restrained, but couldn't resist this little denim sundress. For only a tenner!

This little number is definitely coming to Glastonbury with me. Plus, it has pockets. What's not to love about dresses with pockets? So practical! I also bought a pink top which I'm sure will be featuring on here at some point. It goes with EVERYTHING. Not bad for £8.

New Look is steadily becoming one of my favourite shops. Not only are they great at the basics (my best-fitting ever cardigan, the cult 120 denier black tights that I wear every single day in the winter), but their clothes always seem to recognise the existence of girlies with curves. The wedges are from there, too (last year).

Accessorized with my new haircut! I went for somewhere in between the two fringes in the end. And I LOVE how my hairdresser styled it - it was totally wasted though, I came home and baked all evening instead of going out to show it off. I am actually an old lady.

You can buy the dress here - it's a fiver less in-store though!


  1. Those wedges are gorgeous! and I lovelovelove your hair!
    i really like new look but its annoying when you go out and everyone is wearing the same thing.

  2. i lovelovelove that denim dress! was looking at it on the website today! new look is becoming one of my favorite shops as well! the shoes are just amazing! and the 120s are a lifesaver! i paniced a bit when they stopped making them for a while last year!

  3. Your hair looks so lovely! The curls are pretttty.

    I went through a huge new look faze a few months back, may have to get on their website because that dress is such a staple summer item!

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! (:

  5. That dress is just.. perfect!
    I love the shade, & the shape, & the big bow, but most of all - I love the pockets! Such a versatile piece - amazing! Could totally wear it Winter-stylie too, with tights & cardi.. Man, I'm actually really jealous of that dress..!


  6. That dress is so cute and summery! I love New Look shoes too - I am in desperate pair of wedges for summer! D:

  7. Such a pretty dress , you look lovely ! Oh and your going to Glasto !! How lucky, I feel so silly for not getting a ticket this year! Have you been before?

    daisy x

  8. Cute dress, I love the bow detail :) New Look is on 'that' side of town for me so I never really go there often but I think I'm going to have to check it out!

  9. That dress really is stunning and it fits you like a dream. Such a great buy for a tenner, too! I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for you at Glasto!
    The hair is gorgeous,too.

  10. Ooh your new hair is divine and suits you so, so well.

    The dress looks fab on you - much better than on the model on the website actually. Hurrah for pockets too!

  11. i have that dress! Its amazin, but I paid full price for it! I dont know if I should even beginto look at the sale!

  12. gotta love a new look bargain! and pockets! i love dresses and skirts with pockets so so so so much.

  13. Thank you for the comment :)

    Sibling relationships are just a bit of a mystery I guess! Weird. But I'm not complaining, because as I say, we're alright at the moment..!

    I actually had a quick look in New Look today, & did keep my eyes open for that dress.. Totally didn't have it though - highly disappointed!
    Thanks for adding the link - the dress looks way better on you than it does on the site - if I'd just seen it there it wouldn't have jumped out at me at all as being such an amazing piece. So well done you, you're obviously a good model!


  14. I bought those wedges but in yellow last year. Lamented not getting the black now, too. Sadness!


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