Wednesday 2 June 2010

On photography.

When people ask me about my photography, they normally question what camera I use.

I took this picture before a night out because a hair day that great deserved to be documented. Totally unrepeatable. Sigh.

I love my Nikon D40. The photos are so crisp and clear, and the zoom is awesome.

It also has cool focus capabilities, which adds a lot of depth to pictures.

Annoyingly, though, the Nikon D40 is no longer being made - there are alternatives, but they aren't as cheap (mine was only about £250) - the
Nikon D3000 is the upgrade, although a lot of my fellow bloggers use the Canon 1000D. I have a little point and shoot too - this little thingy - which isn't bad, but I'm currently coveting an Olympus PEN. Sigh.

I often feel like adding a disclaimer to my pictures, though, because while the camera is a big part of it, it doesn't do all the work. If you know your way around Photoshop, it can make most photographs look amazing. This, for instance, was taken with my iPhone camera:

Thing is, when I'm snapping away, I'd always rather capture the moment than play with filters and settings - too much of that means you can miss the moment altogether. So, after I take my photos, I give them a hearty whack with the Photoshop stick. Here are some before and afters...

You see, back in my early days on the internet, I got quite into making userpics on LiveJournal. What started as little square pictures of whatever TV show or film I was into at that time swiftly turned into something more complicated. There are hundreds of communities on LJ devoted to the art of icon-making, and I got swept up in the tutorials and icon-making contests, and all of that. Eventually, I lost interest, but it taught me a heck of a lot about graphics. Which, now, has served me well in my (actually fairly new) photography hobby.

Which brings me to the point of this post - yep, for once I have one! I'm by no means an expert, but would you be interested in some Photoshop tutorials? What do you think - is there a demand for it?


  1. I'd be interested for sure! I've recently been taking a lot more pictures but they just don't look as amazing as other people's, and I think a lot has to do with my complete lack of photoshop skills.

  2. Fab and interesting post !

  3. Oh definitely! Look forward to reading them :)

  4. The tutorials sound like a wonderful idea :)

  5. Definitely do tutorials! I love the effects you put on your photos :D

  6. Yes please! Ive always admired your pictures, and seeing the before and after pics when it comes to editing in this post - its really interesting! :) please share more! Haha I'd love to know how to give my pics that dreamy lomo feel to them xx

  7. Oh I do love looking at your photos! A photoshop tutorial would be aces! xx

  8. I wish I could do things to my pictures. They just look so rubbish and 'holiday snaps from the 70's' - ey


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