Sunday 6 June 2010

Heads will roll.

I actually still haven't seen the new Alice film, but it remains one of my favourite books. My copy of Alice Through the Looking Glass is especially treasured, as it belonged to my mother and is over 50 years old. Plus, it's so pretty.

Last night was my sister's 30th birthday party. I'm feeling a little shaky today - around five hours of dancing to Cheryl Cole and Justin Bieber with a tireless group of 7 year olds will do that to you (oh, and the several large glasses of wine might have been somewhat at fault, too). It was a fancy dress - my original costume idea was Cleopatra, but a certain birthday girl stole that idea... I went for the Queen of Hearts instead!

I know, my sister is like 80% more tanned than I am. It was actually a really fun costume to put together. I got the dress from eBay, and was a little worried when it came as it's made of the thinnest, flimsiest nylon. The second I did up the zip it popped open - eeek. So I ended up wearing it over a little black dress, secured with that regular little fashion lifesaver, safety pins.

Yep, I look entirely sober in this picture. My favourite part of the night was at least three little girls came up to me and said, wide-eyed, 'Are you the Queen from Alice in Wonderland? I nearly came as Alice!' to which, I of course replied, 'Oh dear! I would have had to chop your head off!' *solemn nodding* Most of them told me I looked scary, but the niecelet told me mine was her favourite costume.

I did my eyes with red lipliner (I actually used to have a red eyeliner, inspired by that Kate Moss Rimmel advert, but god knows what's happened to it) and black liquid eyeliner. I couldn't find any lash glue so I painted on eyelashes instead of using falsies.

I look horribly shiny here - it was boiling on Saturday night! Oh, and I wore red lipstick, of course. I'm still trying to find a red lipstick that suits me, I'm not sure it exists.

I'm gutted I didn't get a great picture of my hair... I set it in loads of tight curls, gripped all over my head and fixed miniature playing cards (all hearts, of course) into the curls. The effect was great - and lots of people asked me who did my hair, which I took as a compliment! I haven't had a chance to do something creative and wacky with my hair in ages, it was fun! More fancy dress parties, please.

I accessorized it with my glittery red Topshop belt ('Is your belt part of the costume?' 'Um no, I already owned that...'), red tights and a couple of adorable heart rings. Thanks, Primark!



  1. You look gorgeous! Such a cute outfit, and I love the way you accesorised your hair :) x

  2. Great costume! Your hair looks amazing.

    What ever did we do before Primark existed? Honestly!

  3. Cute cute costume! Love your hairstyle too :)
    I own that belt too!

  4. LOVE your outfit! And I'd never managed to find a red lipstick to suit me until last week. Now I can't stop wearing it!


  5. You look great! I'm so so impressed by your hair.

  6. oh my gosh!

    My friend is having an Alice tea party birthday and me and the boy are going as the king and queen of hearts!! What a coincidence!

    I might have to steal your hair idea, the cards in it are genius! hehe.

    You look great and you make up is perfect. I need to find a belt like that <3

  7. i love this! your hair looks amazing


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