Sunday 7 November 2010

He holds a crystal phial that has colours like the moon.

Isn’t this necklace stunning? It’s from Bijou Bijoux, my new favourite shop on Etsy. The little phial makes me think of messages in bottles, smuggled poison and secret potions.

(scuse my chipped nail polish!)

Etsy is fantastic for discovering unusual, quirky items, usually at a reasonable cost. As a jewellery-maker myself (more on that VERY soon) I love seeing how other people approach their designs and what gives them inspiration. The jewellery from Bijou Bijoux is delicate and sweet, but well-made and very durable (also, I love the old-fashioned sweet shop wrapping!).

This is on my Christmas list:

But so are these…

You can check out the gorgeous designs at the Etsy shop or the website!

Also if you’re a Londoner, Alice (the brains behind Bijou Bijoux) is going to be selling at a market day on 4th December:

Carousel 3 at The Duke of Wellington, Balls Pond Road, Hackney.


  1. Oh those are all gorgeous! I love the little teapot pendant! Can't wait to hear more about your jewellery making escapades. xx

  2. Oh wow! How gorgeous are they! I love little bottles on chains :)

    pssst. Just posted the tesco clothing pass it on thing :) xx

  3. I do love that feather headband! I spent many years as a jewellery designer so am always on the look out for lovely handmade pieces.

  4. I'm a bit made for jewellery so I'll definitely be sure to check their site out! Their pieces look lovely. I look forward to hear about your jewellery making (:

  5. Love that necklace you got! The little teapot on is adorable too ;D xxxx

  6. how sweet, they all look so lovely and interesting. xx

    we could go anywhere..

  7. Ooh I love that first necklace!! And excited to hear more about your jewellery-making :) in time for Christmas gift-giving? Hope so!

    Sarah x

  8. I saw some jewellery a bit like this yesterday and thought about you but thought it might be wrong.

    If you go back to Brizzle any time soon you should check out I Love Crafty in Clifton. Some brilliant stuff, including -

    I want! We got little D a doorplate from there.

  9. Lovely post, thank you!

    Also @Laura; that wasn't in Camden at the Lock Tavern was it? If so, that was me!

  10. So cute! I am such a sucker for quirky jewellery.

  11. I love the little camera one! So sweet! Thanks for introducing me to their things, I might have to send hinting emails to my family!

  12. Oooh I love the vial necklace with the heart :D
    I love browsing Etsy for jewellery and accessories, there's always lots of cool things.
    Lovely blog by the way :)
    Fiona x

  13. Ah, Love this! Also, I love your blog! Your header & background are both equally adorable :)

    KF x


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