Tuesday 9 November 2010

We're leaving this old fairground behind.

Remember how I posted about becoming an Aussie Angel? Well, our first event was on Friday and... honestly, guys, I can't quite articulate how amazing it was. I spent the whole night in a state of disbelief at how completely and utterly SPOILED we were.

We were told to meet at the London Eye by 7.15. Everything, of course, conspired to make me late. Traffic on the way to the station, my train was late, then my tube sat outside Charing Cross for 10 minutes. As I watched the clock turn to 7.29, I thought 'That's it. I've missed it.' Luckily, I think Emma and the Aussie girls had anticipated lateness and I got there just in time. And we got taken up in the Eye!

It was amazing. I've never done it before - but the view was astounding and we could see little firework displays going on all over London. It was lovely to get to see some old blogging faces again like Hayley, Amy and Fi plus the chance to get to talk to other bloggers a little more that I'd only met in passing at previous events, like the gorgeous Carrie and Lucy - and not forgetting all the lovely new ones I met, such as Harriet and Zoe (pictured below!).

Harriet, Hayley, Amy, Zoe and me!

We were treated to champagne and canapes and we went round the Eye twice. Then we disembarked, and tottered away. All the bloggers seemed to be in heels (as instructed) so there were various mutterings about how far away the next destination was as we wobbled over the cobbles, but we needn't have worried - as we reached the road, there were two giant hummer limos waiting for us. AMAZING.


We then went to the Jewel Bar in Covent Garden, for cocktails and more nibbles (gratefully received - due to the lateness I missed dinner!). I'm a total french martini convert now - probably too much of one, really, as I was really rather tipsy by the end of the night!

My blogging wife Hayley won best hair, which was well deserved - doesn't she look fab with her awesome up-do? This is her with her goody bag:

Gorgeous ladies Carrie and Fi

The brief was 'hot hair and high heels' so, whilst debating heavily on Twitter over which shoes to wear with my purple Warehouse dress, I worked on my hair. The theme of the night was 'Take The Heat', celebrating the launch of Aussie's new heat defence range, and as it had been raining all day I put the straighteners away and got my trusty curlers out. True fact - my hair is actually quite curly, so if there's any moisture in the air I normally go for curls as the rain tends to help the curl stay. Straightening is just a waste of time.

I went for tight pin curls, which are really easy to do and the best way to make curls stay in if you have trouble. Even with my coarse, wavy hair, I used to, so here's what I do:

1 - Make a curl with your curling iron. The tighter you go, the more Austen-esque will be your ringlets.

2 - Re-coil the curl (think pushing a slinky back together) and grip it securely to your head. Continue until the whole head is complete.

3 - Leave for 10 minutes or however long you have - I normally do my makeup once the curls are done.

4 - Take them out. Leave in glossy ringlets, or mess your hair up a bit for a more undone look.

5 - Dazzle everyone you see.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a brush with me and being very, very late meant I had to run around London in a state of high stress, and my fringe got all gross and separated (I'm sorry, sweat is one of those unglamorous things we hate to talk about, but sometimes it happens). But my curls were still in the next morning!

Thank you so, SO much Aussie. It was an amazing night, and I feel so honoured to be an Angel and cannot WAIT for the next one. I've met so many amazing people during my blogging time and I really hope it doesn't end any time soon. Um, so - buy Aussie! It helps that the products are also amazing.


  1. lovely lovely pictures....especially that beaut of Hayley!! Was great to see you there, sorry we didn't get to chat much!!


  2. Looks like you had a really good time, I love your hair!

  3. Great post :)
    I wish I had seen you properly to say hello- I know now for next time though

  4. Your hair looked fab, that's what I love about curls even at the end of the night they look good.
    Glad you had fun lovely, will def come and have a proper chat next time.


  5. So sad I missed you! I'm so HUNTING YOU DOWN next time ;) Not in a scary way though xx


    it was a bloody epic night though. Everyone is ace, tra la la

  7. I love your photos! Finally a couple of nice ones of me, aha! Can't wait for the next blog meetup!

  8. Wowsers! That looks like such a fun night (I was already a French martini convert, haha). Your curly hair is cute, e need to see some pics in its natural state!

  9. Aww what a lovely night! Jealous? Me? Nooo :) your hair looked gorgeous too :)

    Sarah x

  10. Hayley totally did deserve it! Sarah, I wish we could do it all over again... x


  11. the face of drunk fiona.. WHOOPS!



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