Friday 26 November 2010

If love is a red dress...

There's a new darling of the high street fashion world at the moment. Move over, Topshop. Stand aside, Zara. So long, Warehouse. And enter... TESCO. Just have a click through the Clothing at Tesco website and tell me that you don't come away without a wish list of at least fourteen items. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Now, Tesco have been doing a bit of blogger outreach at the moment, which I heartily approve of (it's the future of PR, right?). They have been offering clothes to various bloggers to style and post about – but here's the twist – those bloggers then recommend another blogger to get clothes, too! Therefore, spreading the love and the CLOTHES. The lovely Ellie at Pretty Much Penniless recommended me for their 'Post it on' scheme (thank you, Ellie!), and I selected this dress:

(Ellie's response: 'I knew you were going to pick that!' I am so predictable.)

Of course, I just had to save it for a FriFro! (I will get the world using the #FriFro hashtag on Twitter IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO.)

On the website, I thought this dress looked quite daytime-ish but once on, don't be fooled – this is a party frock, pure and simple. I had originally thought of showing different ways to wear this dress but 1) I was really tired and 2) this dress deserves to be glammed up, not masquerading as a top or a skirt! I accessorised it with a leather double-buckle belt, tuxedo jacket and SUPER SPARKLY SHOES.

Dress – Tesco £25
Tuxedo Jacket – H&M
Shoes – Primark
Bag – Marks & Spencer
Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Tights – New Look
Necklace – Ebay
Alice band – Claire's

My hair was doing its thing where it looks massive so I brushed it to the side and pinned it in a messy bun. If you have messy, massive hair like me, it is very easy to do trendy styles! Just make sure you use a lot of grips.

Review: I really love this dress, and will definitely be wearing it to at least one social occasion this December. I heeded Ellie's warning about the sizes coming up small and bought a 14 (I'm normally a 12) which fit perfectly, although it was a bit shapeless around the middle. It definitely needs a belt to look 'finished'. That's the only criticism really – I would have preferred the dress to have had a more structured waist, but at the same time I also like having a blank canvas to accessorise with different belts, and it looks great with a belt (especially this one, which I NEVER WEAR and don't know why!). It's a nice cut and the material feels good quality – not cheap at all - as you might expect supermarket clothes to be. Plus it's only £25, which is a bargain – and despite the bargain price, would fit in perfectly at a fancy party. It also comes in black! And polka dot!

Finally, here are some reasons why I like Tesco:

1 - This dress.
2 - Those yoghurts in the navy blue pots are GOOD and so low-fat!
4 - They still ID me when I buy alcohol! I'm 28! Thank you, Tesco!
5 - One time I went to the big Tesco in Watford when it just opened and there were members of staff wearing rollerskates. ROLLERSKATES.
6 - They sell cartons of wine. Festival essential.


  1. The dress looks so beautiful, it really suits you :) xoxo

  2. Its so pretty and had I seen it out I would never have guessed Tescos. Looks a bit topshop like. I agree that Tescos has really upped their game, they have a fab pair of brown faux leather shorts that have been calling my name for a few weeks.

  3. hehe, i adore your reasons for liking tesco! the dress is so you, such a pretty shape. the neckine is lovely. xxx

  4. Also no one looked at us funny when we bought wine, meat, cheese, bread and so many sweets. Waitrose is far more judgemental.

  5. That dress is gorgeous! I will definitely be popping to Tesco's this weekend :) Sophie xxx

  6. Uh HULLO! You look fabulous in that dress! I am so glad you chose it, I knew it would look great on you :)

    No need to say thank you, it was my pleasure!

    Also, LOLZ to the rollerskates in watford fact. Gutted to never have seen such a spectacle!

  7. That dress is stunning! You look absolutely amazing, I love your hair like that! Tesco really are doing some great things at the moment aren't they?!

  8. You look absolutely beautiful in this dress. It looks lovely the way you've styled it and I agree about the belt issue. I love your hair in that messy bun. I must try and attempt that myself sometime. I totally want your sparkly shoes! Tesco workers on rollerskates? Oh my! Have a lovely weekend.

  9. i love it!! I got picked to do this too and i can't chose i need to think wisely! You look amazing! xx

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  11. Ha I live near the Watford tesco.. but sadly I've never seen the staff wearing rollerskates ):
    The dress is pretty though, and no one will guess it's from tesco... well unless they've seen this!

  12. My god I never knew you were 28! They didn't ID me the other day and I'm 23, woe is me....
    The dress looks lovely, really striking and a nice shape. It's nice that you can accessorise it to make it look different.

  13. This is so funny: I was in Tescos two hours ago and I saw a massive box of cartons of wine and I thought 'Hello, friends. See you in the summer!'

    Love this dress on you... although I would totally wear it in the day.


  14. Tesco are on fire at the moment when it comes to their clothes. That dress is perfect, and you look so pretty in it! I agree that the belt really does finish it off. And those shoes are fantastic.

    I'm also really pleased it goes up to my size, I'll be buying one in every colour when I can!

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  15. You made a great choice, it really suits you!

  16. Looks STUNNING! I've just had a lookie on the website for it though and it seems it's no longer available! Boooo - I'm now going to be a woman on a mission tracking one down! ;) xxxxxxx

  17. That dress is so gorgeous, you look fabulous! Think I might have to pick up the polka dot version xx

  18. There's just something about a red dress! Although, saying this, I'm also very fond of red shoes and coats so maybe it's just red...

    Looks gorgeous though, might have to have a peek next time I'm browsing the aisles!

    Penny x

  19. Those shoes! I NEED them! great post :)

  20. Love the dress, love the shoes, love your hair. Just love it, so purdy.

    And rollerskating tesco staff? That's awesome. x

  21. You look gorgeous Sarah! :) makes me want to get a nice frock on too and go to a christmas party of some sort! I do enjoy checking out the clothes section at asda and sainsburys, so il defo need to go for a mooch about in text when I'm next in.

    I think your parcel came yesterday, but I wasnt in and there was a little royal mail note posted through the door :( I'm going to try collect it at the start of next week so I'll keep you updated!

    Have a fab weekend miss, lots of love xx

  22. I nearly picked that dress! So pretty, though have lack the boobage required I think. It looks bloody amazing on you.

    I agree about the yoghurts, too.

  23. I loveeee tesco stuff! Im always in there raking about!

    we are doing a UK bloggers secret santa if you want to get involved check out the details here

    x x x

  24. it's gorgeous! I keep eyeing it up but those kind of shoulders look ridiculous on me. It looks amazing on you though, damn you! x

  25. This is such a pretty red dress! Red is my favorite color, hehe. It looks great on you! Way to work those puff sleeves. Love the last picture! :)

  26. I love the cut of this dress. It looks great on you.

  27. That's an absolute belter of a dress! It looks stunning on you.

  28. I was first made aware of this dress when Afeitar posted it in a wishlist. I fell in love with it there & then & was dying to try it on. But seeing somebody who is the same size as me wear it is the next best thing & I have to say, it is a stunning dress. & it REALLY suits you! I love the sweetheart neckline. It's a shame it's less of a daywear dress because I'd love to wear it all corners of the day!

    Also, I have a 'B' as my middle name... I wonder if ours are the same :]

  29. This dress is amazing. It definitely does a lot for curves. I love it with the shoes. They're adrobale.

  30. the dress is amazingly pretty and you look amazingly pretty wearing it!


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