Friday 9 December 2011

All over me like a polka dot, you treat me like someone I'm not.

Some days I get ready for work, glance in the mirror on my way out the door and think ‘You know what? I look okay today.’ And then on these days something generally HAPPENS. Considering I drive to work and park over the road from the office, it's quite impressive how terrible my hair and makeup always look by lunchtime. Especially having a fringe – the slightest bit of wind and rain and it’s a write-off for the rest of the day (or until I can get my hands on a pair of GHDs). Being a girl, eh? It’s a constant struggle.

But but but! The other day, I got ready and thought, ‘I feel quite nice today!’ And then I got to work, and my colleagues said, ‘You look nice today!’ And then I got to lunchtime, looked in the mirror and thought ‘I look okay!’ And then I got home and thought ‘You do not look half bad, Sarah.’ So, cursing the terrible lighting in my room (damn you, winter!) I took some photos.

Dress - New Look

Tights - Tabio
Hairband - H&M
Necklace - Benita Blue
Boots - Primark

I’ve always really loved the contrast of black with fair hair. I think a black alice band on blonde hair looks effortlessly chic. So when I came over all ginger, I decided to see if redheads could rock this look too. And they can! This little wire hairband from H&M goes really nicely, and because it's a tie, rather than a bow, it doesn't look too 'little-girl'. Mega comfy, too.

I got the dress in the New Look sale a couple of months back. It's a weird colour - I'd call it black, but it doesn't really LOOK black. But I think it is. And it's another dress that's all baggy on top which I think is kind of unflattering, but I really like it so I have decided not to care. Also, it was NINE POUNDS. Accessorised with thick blue tights and my favourite, rapidly falling apart boots, it wasn't a bad outfit for work, all told. Plus, magnetised nails! I don't care if it's trendy but think they look SO awesome.

I'm off to my work Christmas do tonight - just putting the finishing touches to my hair. I'm sure I'll have a few lovely party dresses to show you over the next few Fridays - I'm off to another do tomorrow! Ah, I love this time of year.


  1. That's quite a bag collection! :-p

    Lovely dress Sarah, I am also completely bemused by how somedays I can look quite nice ALL DAY and then other days, I can't even make the slightest thing look "right" before I even leave the house looking awful!

    Dayner x my blog -

  2. You look lovely :) That dress is so pretty, what a good find for £9, I love the pleats! I like how you've styled your hair with the headband too, I wish mine would stay like that! x

  3. I've got this dress and it's like a brown/purple/black! never know what to put with it but I end up wearing it with my mustard belt x

  4. You look gorgeous Sarah :) but OH MY GOD is that a bag shaped like an owl?!


  5. LOVE the dress, boots and tights combo!

  6. That dress is lovely! And you fringe looks pretty damn good to me!
    Good fringe work Sarah, I applaud your fringe. :)
    Also that owl bag is amazing.

  7. Very pretty dress, tights, and shoes. You look stunning.

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling as if you need a touch up mid work day. I use to never go straight out after work because I felt like I looked like total boo-hoo. I remember once I got off work and then drove to a guys house (this was years ago), I changed my outfit and put on perfume in a rest room bathroom along the way and he told me I looked gorgeous that day and I remember thinking "What a liar!".

    I love your purses too btw, they are all so colorful, all of mine are mostly black.


  8. Love the dress and your hairband. I've not worn a hairband for a while but I feel inspired to dig one out today! Hope you had a good time at your work Christmas do. x

  9. You look awesome and I am still loving your amazing new hair :)

    Maria xxx

  10. Lovely dress. It looks purple in the pictures but maybe that's just the lighting.
    Also, Take A Bite is such an amazing song. Love love love Nicola Roberts. Good choice!

    Rosie xx
    Just Listen

  11. Dear Sarah,

    I love your hair.

    Love Harriet xx

    ps the rest of you is pretty too!

  12. I completely get why this outfit got you so many look fantastic! I love the headband, the pattern and colour of the dress, the boots toughing it up a little rather than being ultra've outshone yourself!

  13. You look cute but really I am just like I LOVE YOUR HAIR COLOUR. Beautiful!


  14. Such a cute outfit, and despite what you say, the dress IS flattering, especially with the belt cinching in your waist!


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