Thursday 1 December 2011

Devil in a new dress.

The Clothing At Tesco event I went to a couple of weeks back (note the old hair colour!) was one of my favourite events I've been to so far. It was great - all the Florence & Fred clothes from their Spring/Summer collection were hanging around the room for us to have a nosey at. We were also asked to pick our favourite, which was a tough choice but ultimately this gorgeous watercolour print 50s style dress had to win. It's beautiful.

As well as all the gorgeous clothes, it was also a chance to hang out with some lovely ladies. Amy was totally smitten by the fancy dress clothes for kids - doesn't she look fetching in her little star outfit? As soon as we discovered that we could squeeze our grown-up heads into the clothes plus the photobooth that was on hand, there was no stopping us... loads of amazing photo opportunities!

Thanks for the invite, Tesco! I'm going to be stalking the F&F website until that dress comes in now...

(I think I look so weird without the donkey hat on at the end... it just WORKS.)



  1. how on earth did i miss the yellow maxi dress? it's absolutely beautiful! i adore all of the photobooth pictures, it was so much fun. i'm still tempted to buy both the star and donkey outfits! xx

  2. aww i've been doing our nativity play with my reception class this week and the stars stole the show in that outfit! they were so cute waddling around with their little hats on!

    x x x

  3. you totally work the donkey head look :] xx

  4. This looks like a really fun event! Love that dress you chose :) x

  5. I've seen some pics of this event on other blogs and it sure seemed like it was a lovely evening! I love your dress, the collar is too cute!

    x Michelle |

  6. That dress is gorgeous. Wow.

  7. Haha aww the photo booth pictures are too cute. I love the hats, can I borrow the donkey hat? I quite like it.

    This looks like such a fun event, I want to go to events like this, bah. I'm pretty sure I mention my event envy every corresponding post but it is still true.

    I absolutely love the yellow and watercolor print dresses, they are stunning. I've been dying to find a great yellow dress.


  8. The Donkey Head is a good look for you! That yellow maxi dress is amazing! Can't believe that's Tesco. Jen x

  9. Oh that floral dress is so beautiful! Tesco is absolutely my favourite supermarket range. Still love your cat dress so much too! x

  10. I missed out on the photobooth - love the pictures. The new collection was so lovely - I need that dress! x


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