Monday 19 December 2011

Those days, I'd stumble in the dark.

The last weekend before Christmas always seems to be a jampacked affair (although last year all plans were scuppered and I ended up snowed in with a good friend, a few bottles of wine and a takeaway). There’s so much to pack in, although to be honest, I didn’t really get any of my jobs done. I had lots of fun though, and that’s what counts.

I was meant to go out on Friday night, but was exhausted from a night out on Thursday night so stayed in. It wasn’t very relaxing though as we were babysitting for Cameron, my baby nephew. He is adorable, but he doesn’t like sleeping all that much. His party trick is to look like he’s just about slipped into unconsciousness, then as soon as you whisper ‘He’s just about asleep…’ he wakes up and laughs at you. Cheeky baby.

Saturday was the best day of the year. I blogged about it last year, so this year I livetweeted it… CHRISTMAS PANINI DAY!!! Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. One day. One sandwich. Turkey and sausage and bacon and brie and stuffing and cranberry OH MY. They were possibly the best yet.

THEN! We got changed, got our Morgan’s Spiced ‘n’ Coke on (it’s going to be the drink of 2012, mark my words) and headed off into London where we had an awesome chat on the tube with a random man about Community, 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation. Then we headed to my favourite venue, Brixton Academy, for Soulwaxmas. Lots of dancing (and avoiding people who were on vast amounts of drugs) ensued. Got home at 4am. Ouch.

So Sunday was mostly lost to sleep, but we met up again in the evening for a night of Christmas movies (Elf, Muppet Christmas Carol and Bad Santa) and huge amounts of Dominos Pizza to help us get over our hangovers. SO MUCH PIZZA. It was amazing though. I’ve been dieting for so long, I’d forgotten how good it was. We indulged in a few of the great online pizza offers which meant we got a couple of their gourmet pizzas (the Quattro Formaggio is SO FLIPPING CHEESY), some garlic bread and even cookies included in the deal. Which we weren’t overexcited by, until we ate them. OH MY GOD. I kind of wish I had never tried them as now I’m just going to want them all the time. They’re amazing. Seriously.

And that was it! Back to reality for the last few days of work before Christmas. It’s so hard to concentrate when your brain is full of presents and giftwrapping, but I’m getting there. Only a few more days to go…


  1. What an awesome weekend! I fancy some pizza now

  2. So jealous that you went to Soulwaxmas! I love Soulwax!

    Also Dominos is my favourite and best! Have you got enough Garlic and Herb (It's superb) sauce there??


  3. Looks like a lovely weekend, your nephew is adorable!


  4. Hell yeah Morgans spiced + coke! That became my rum of choice after Sailor Jerrys changed the recipe. Have you tried Bacardi Oakheart? I believe that may be my drink of 2012 :)

    Oh my lord I want Dominos now!

  5. CUTEST BABY OF ALL TIME.. and that pizza looks freakin great

  6. oh god, should not have looked at this post. BABIES and DOMINOS! Want both please!

  7. Oh ok, I want your weekend please! You had me at christmas panini, and then when I thought it couldn't get any better, you totally brought our the dominoes. Oh, and a cute baby, curse you!


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