Monday 12 December 2011

This ain't a party, get off the dance floor.

I upgraded my iPhone a couple of weeks ago to a 4S, and because the camera is SO much better, I can’t stop using it. I’ve become a mega Instagram addict – even more so than I was before! Here are some of the latest snappings I’ve taken...

 1  2  3
 4  5  6 
 7  8  9 
10  11 12
13 14 15
16 17 18
19 20 21
22 23 24
25 26 27
28 29 30
31 32 33
1. Sleepy Lola. 2. First Christmas sandwich of the year! 3. Awesome cupcake carrier.
4. ILU Topshop sale. 5. Packing jewellery orders. 6. Breakfast obsession.
7. Best coat EVER... if only it came in adult sizes. 8. Naughty wrap. 9. Models Own Beetlejuice collection.
10. More sleepy Lola. 11 & 12. Awesome Christmas gifts in Wilkinson.
13. Trying out party hair. 14. Cuddly Cameron. 15. He is starting to look so much like my sister!
16. Rubbish advent calendar jokes. 17&18 Adventures in baking.
19. Magnetized nails. 20. Sparkly new phone case. 21. Certificate for TBBCAR
22. Cat slug. 23. None for Gretchen Wiener. 24. Below the waist outfit for the day.
25. First Christmas card of the year. 26. Amazing new Aussie campaign for their bigger bottles - I can fit in the box! 27. Busy week for Etsy orders.
28. Apparently the model in the 17 campaign is my lookalike. 29. Being rubbish at eating my advent chocolates. 30. Christmas do nails!
31. Terrible cracker jokes. 32. Bright eyed after a sober Christmas do. 33. Spotty nails for this week.


  1. A catslug! How rare! Mann I wish I had instagram it looks so much fun!

  2. Models Own Beetlejuice collection! I've had my eye on those nail polishes for awhile now, me still wants. Your kitty is so adorable. I love the red coat too, very cute. Aww at zi cat slug, how adorable.


  3. I love love love that teapot!!! And the coat. And the kitty. All of these are great. I didn't know the 4s had such a good camera!

    Mabel Time

  4. You're making me EVEN MORE EXCITED about getting a kitten in January!


  5. I do love a good instagram picture, and these are're right that its a pretty good camera on the 4S....

    In fact, its not the first time I've thought 'I cant be swayed to get an iphone just for the camera and instagram, right?'


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