Friday 23 December 2011

See that girl, watch that scene.

Lately more and more people keep telling me that I’m the girliest friend they have. Normally it’s when I’ve talked them into buying loads of makeup or spending a night in watching Enchanted and painting our nails (IT IS THE BEST FILM EVER). I don’t MIND being girlie, though. I’ve discovered that when you’re a grownup, you can be terrible at sports because you are girlie (not like when you're a kid, and everyone thinks that it's because you are a clumsy nerd, even though that is of course the real reason). That seems like a much nicer excuse!

Anyway, this is one of the reasons that I love Christmas because the parties mean an excuse to really embrace my girlie side. Which is pretty much all sides of me, but I mean REALLY embrace it. Coiffed hair, false eyelashes, flamboyant makeup, sky high heels, dripping in jewellery – oh, and a fabulous dress, of course.


Dress – Warehouse
Shoes – Matalan
Jewellery – Topshop
Nails – OPI Caught In Your Net

It was my work Christmas do last week and after scouring the shops for something beautiful and reasonably priced, I realised that I had this scarcely worn little beauty from Warehouse in my wardrobe instead. I bought it for NYE the year before the year before last and it’s seen me through one party, one Ascot trip and one wedding reception. I do absolutely love it. I’m a sucker for greeny/blue tones anyway, and you know by now I love a nipped in waist and a full skirt. I was never sure if the larger chested girl could do one-shouldered, but it turns out that with a good bra (my Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless, still going strong, still can’t recommend enough) it doesn’t matter! No lopsidedness at all!

Anyway, I went all out. False eyelashes courtesy of the Girls Aloud Eylure range (I got the whole lot half price in Boots last Christmas and have enjoyed working my way through them - the aptly named Sarah ones were my choice this time) and sparkly green eyes, thanks to Barry M. And as for my hair… well, I had vague ideas of doing a sort of curly beehive thing that tumbled down my back and it turned out to be surprisingly easy! All night I was asked where I got my hair done and was greeted by shock when I said I did it. But it was easy, honest. It’s basically just a backcombed top, put in a half ponytail, and then the rest all curled and gripped randomly around it. But it works, huh? CHECK OUT MY MULTITONALS.

Also check out Gemma photobombing in the background!

It was a fab night. Unusually for me, especially at an event with wine out on the tables, I decided not to drink. It was the night before Sha’s birthday and I wanted to save myself (and I’m SO glad I did!). It turns out that all those end-of-the-night photos where you look all cross-eyed and sweaty are not down to general wear and tear, but in fact BOOZE IS THE CULPRIT. This was taken when I got home:

Not bad, huh? And I got to be super smug when everyone was complaining about their hangovers on Saturday. What did you wear to your work Christmas do this year?



  1. Your hair looks incredible! Looking gorgeous. Love the colour of your dress!! xxx

  2. the color of your dress looks beautiful with the color of your hair! i also love how you did you hair. it's really pretty.

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    In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


  3. your hair is beautiful! and you look stunning in that dress xo

  4. Enchanted is the greatest film ever - I love it!

    I am so in love with your hair - it is such a pretty colour and you did an amazing job of your hairdo in these photos - it looks beautiful!

  5. You look gorgeous, the dress is so pretty! This colour suits you so well.
    I'm really not sure how girlie I am, however Enchanted blows my mind every time "How does she know you love herrrrr lalala"
    Hair is gorgeous! Wish I could put lashes on more easily, just can't do it :(

  6. your dress is absolutely lovely, the colour perfectly compliments your hair. i adore the fact it's one shouldered too, you look beautiful!


  7. You look a-mazing. I love the dress and the way you've done your hair! I'm in awe as I can't do a thing with mine and yours looks like you got it done! I like the little star on your cheek too :)

    (I've seen Enchanted about 20 times, and I must be the only girl whose bf loves it just as much...!) x

  8. That dress is such a gorgeous colour, it really suits you. I can't believe you did your hair yourself too, it looks amazing! I struggle to even put my hair in a ponytail myself haha.

    Gillian x

  9. This color is beautiful on you. I love the hairstyle, I am the laziest person ever with my hair, just pulling the sides back feels like work to me - it never looks right grr. You always sound like you are having a blast. I haven't gone to any Christmas parties or anything, I've been in my pajamas A LOT. You look so prettttty and I hope you have a great holiday.


  10. Your hair look so lovely, very impressed you hve done it yourself. Must give it a shot! The best thing about Christmas is all the parties!

  11. Gorgeous hair, and I agree amazing that you managed that yourself! Really loving the dress too, the colour on you is to die for!

  12. Your hair looks really lovely! I wish i could do that. Maybe you could do a tutorial at some point? :D

  13. the dress looks so sweet and your hair, too :)

  14. I can't believe you did your hair yourself. You clever thing! The dress is gorge, what a lovely colour.

  15. I can't believe you did your hair yourself. You clever thing! The dress is gorge, what a lovely colour.

  16. Beautiful hair and dress. You're lucky, I can't drink anymore (not preggo; I always feel the need to say that) and I still end up featuring in many a dodgy photo!

    Happy New Year xx


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