Thursday 22 December 2011

I'm one of a kind, I'm designer.

TBBCAR was a bit of an epic undertaking, involving lots of begging on my part – not my favourite activity! One of the companies who generously approached me right at the start though, was Stanwells, offering a £100 voucher to give away. Stanwells is a boutique with two branches based in the South (Lymington & Bournemouth) – plus they have an awesome website. They sell a lot of designer products, which I adore, but sadly do not have the budget for most of the time (I keep saying I’ll start buying less, spending more, but it doesn’t happen).

It’s okay though because they’ve branched out into Stanwells Rerun, which sells discounted and nearly new designer merchandise – the products are stunning and the prices are completely manageable! A fair few products have made it onto my Christmas list...


These YSL shoes are at the upper end of my budget at £106 but they’re YSL, down from £595 and BEAUTIFUL

So. Much. Pretty. You can shop Stanwells either online or in-store at Stanwells & Stanwells Rerun.

PS - This post was written in collaboration with Stanwells.

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