Friday 2 December 2011

The clock struck 12 and you, you just slipped away.

Oh, the trials of a fashion blogger. You see, sometimes it's not easy to fit outfit shots into my week - especially now that it's dark in the mornings and the evenings. Plus, there aren't a lot of good spots in my higgledy piggledy house to take inside shots and, well, all this all factored towards me heading off to an overnight work conference with a new dress, my DSLR, my tripod and my remote all squeezed into my overnight bag.

It didn’t really work - I was one of the last ones down to dinner because I was taking photographs, and the room wasn’t great for photos - the only reasonable backdrop was this stunning curtain. Lovely. Who chooses fabric like this? Seriously.

But enough of that! The dress! Oh, I wanted to love this dress SO much. Motel sent it to me after the event I went to a few weeks back and I’ve been holding out for a good opportunity to wear it. I really like Motel’s clothes, but I’ve bought from there before and found things come up too small, so I was cautious and asked for the dress in a Large. And it’s kind of too big, which is a shame as I adore the print and the colours. It fits quite nicely around my waist but I wish the top was more fitted - it’s rather blousy and makes my chest look rather more giant... which it doesn't need help with! Such a shame when a dress is almost perfect... maybe I'll just have to keep my eye out for it in a Medium!

The dress did see me through a fab night though - five hours sleep on a work night was a total killer but we powered through... just warming up for the Christmas party season!

Dress c/o Motel


  1. Another gorgeous dress Sarah! :) I love the print and the colour is perfect for Christmas! x

  2. I love the dress, the print is gorgeous!


  3. Loving the dress. The style an design are fab.

    X x

  4. An amazing dress :) Such a lovely outfit xo

  5. I think it looks rather dashing! Great choice on the dress, especially the colour


  6. That dress is lovely! You picked a good un! Hotel decor confuses me - sometimes I think they choose crazy patterns just so they don't show up stains, which is a bit worrying...

  7. Oh no what a shame it feels too big on you, the colour red really suits you Sarah!

  8. This dress is so pretty I adore it Sarah, it fits so perfectly. Love it :)


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